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Despite this proliferation of data and data sources that spans far beyond the realm of enterprise applications, a cohesive data management strategy needs to start with those applications you have implemented today. We’ve mentioned ERP and CRM, but there are many more that are in play at businesses today. Ask yourself how many different enterprise applications you have running now. But don’t be surprised if you don’t know the answer. It is not as simple a question as it may seem.


If you have multiple copies or multiple versions of the “same” data, how do you know which is the truth? Having multiple applications often causes this. Few companies today, even small companies, operate from a single location. Mint Jutras research shows that the average small company (those with annual revenues under $25 million) has an average of 2.5 operating locations supported by ERP. Why is this important? As the number of operating locations grows, the likelihood of multiple ERP solutions or multiple instances of the same ERP grows as well.


As a fully integrated, end-to-end business management application, SAP Business One provides organizations with a stable and efficient platform that can manage most business tasks. It holds a wealth of critical information yet organizations still rely on employees to manually monitor and react to data changes. This manual approach is prone to errors and is an inefficient use of employee time. This is especially true when it comes to notifications and alerts.


Most businesses today suffer from a data problem. Yet many don’t even know it. How do you know if you have a data problem? You may be struggling with growing volumes of data or have difficulty in accessing the data you have. Perhaps you have plenty of data, but it is scattered all over the place. You may have multiple versions of the same data. How do you know which version is the truth? And even with all this data, you might never seem to have the right data.


SAP and the National Hockey League (NHL) announced a multiyear partnership aimed at transforming hockey through technology co-innovation that will provide an unprecedented fan experience while offering the League back office software for best-run businesses.


Register for Third Wave Business Systems' SAP Virtual User Group (VUG) meeting, a free event for our clients where we'll share the latest SAP Business One information, walk through key processes, and answer any of your questions. It's also an opportunity to learn more about what your peers are doing to solve business issues that you may be experiencing as well.


All successful large companies must have proper management strategies in place for things like quality, data, finance, human resources, and sales processes, among several other important business functions. Companies that deal with large amounts inventory, however, have the added management problem of achieving efficient and cost-effective inventory management.


Circle Research interviewed 800 senior decision makers in small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 1,000 people to find out more about their ambitions and business priorities. In this summary, we focus on the goals of wholesale distributors.


For most small businesses, keeping IT effective but simple to manage is a priority, as they don’t often have the IT resources to deploy and maintain complex analytics software. One of the benefits of this solution is that there’s no longer a need for third-party analytics software that complicates your IT landscape.


SAP HANA is a breakthrough technology that accelerates analytics many times faster than traditional tools, giving you the ability to instantly generate reports and answer questions as quickly as you can ask them. SAP has organized data in a special way that leverages a separate server for the in-memory computing engine for SAP HANA in order to reduce the analytical workload on the server running SAP Business One. This facilitates fast data search, access, and reporting. What’s more, there are constant updates between the two servers.
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Third Wave Business Systems Announces the Release of BOARD Cube 9.0 for SAP Business One 8.x – 9.x

2/26/2015 -- Third Wave Business Systems, a leading SAP Business One implementation and development partner, announced the release of BOARD Cube 9.0, a leading business and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One 8.x – 9.x, BOARD Cube provides pre-packaged solutions in budgeting, finance, sales and purchasing, and inventory.

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Third Wave Business Systems Achieves SAP Accreditation for Partner Quality Program

1/29/2015 -- Third Wave Business Systems, a leading SAP channel partner for implementation of the SAP Business One® application and related development, today announced it has received accreditation for a global partner quality program by SAP SE (NYSE: SAP). The certificate was awarded by the SAP Partner Service Delivery organization for Third Wave’s demonstration of clear quality standards and processes and in recognition of quality, risk and project management framework improvements in alignment with quality principles from SAP.

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Third Wave Introduces Advanced Productivity Pack and Credit Card Processing Solutions for SAP Business One for SAP HANA

10/9/2014 -- Third Wave Business Systems, a leading SAP Business One implementation and development partner, today announced that its Advanced Productivity Pack and Credit Card Processing solutions for SAP Business One are now available on SAP HANA.

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