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  • Santec Chemical Case Study

    When Santec, a provider of commercial cleaning products and systems, realized the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution they were using wasn’t meeting their business needs, they turned to Third Wave.

    With the SAP Business One ERP solution as the digital core, Third Wave provides adaptable enterprise resource planning systems that support an organization’s growth.

    A key success factor for our customers is our ability to implement process automation and integration with their internal and external systems.

    Download the Case Study to learn how Third Wave helped Santec:

    • Adapt to and fully utilize SAP Business One
    • Refine their processes and procedures
    • Reduce efforts and energy expended in reporting
    • Gain actionable insights from data
    • Run their business better and smarter
    • Move onto the next phase of business improvement and meet their goals

    Complete the form to see how Third Wave was able to streamline Santec’s processes and procedures, providing them with the reports and information they were looking for all along.

    Standardize and Automate Business Processes to Increase Scalability

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