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Third Wave Business Systems Announces the Release of BOARD Cube 9.0 for SAP Business One 8.x – 9.x


Third Wave Business Systems, a leading SAP Business One implementation and development partner, announced the release of BOARD Cube 9.0, a leading business and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One 8.x – 9.x, BOARD Cube provides pre-packaged solutions in budgeting, finance, sales and purchasing, and inventory.

The latest version delivers significant new features and functionality that have dramatically improved BOARD Cube’s capability to effectively drive decision-making processes for organizations of any size and industry. This includes enhancements to the self-service analysis capabilities, enabling users to embed Predictive Analytics into enterprise decision-making processes.

BOARD Cube 9.0 addresses the need for smarter decision-making by:

  • Seamlessly integrating advanced and predictive analytics, making it easier than ever for anyone to quickly uncover powerful insights and take action
  • Utilizing an in-memory server cluster to allow for unlimited horizontal scaling with read and write capability, ensuring optimal performance to large and geo-distributed implementations
  • Introducing geo-intelligence, which allows users to analyze spatial data and merge it with dynamic maps in a fully interactive environment
  • Dramatically enhancing the user experience with better interactivity, usability and ease of analysis with a new graphical engine combined with an extended set of graphs
  • Enabling the use of Excel-like formulas in reports, adding further flexibility to BOARD Cube’s data calculation capability
  • Moving Mobile Intelligence beyond traditional Analysis and Reporting, extending to simulation, planning and social collaboration

“BOARD 9.0 brings big company features to small and mid-sized companies. The predictive analytics and a new graphics engine provide our clients with the ability to look at their data with a whole new level of insight. It empowers them with its self-service capabilities so they can immediately make the most informed decisions,” said Mark Breznak, COO Third Wave Business Systems. “The prebuilt content Third Wave has developed enables time to value to be measured in days instead weeks, so the functionality, content and cost help make BOARD Cube a game changer for SMBs.”

BOARD is used worldwide by over 3,000 companies of all size and across every industry. The solution’s multi-dimensional planning abilities provide workflow, security, audit trails, and versioning mechanisms, enhancing the controllability and efficiency of the entire process. Additionally, BOARD’s financial consolidation capabilities address the challenges that organizations face today with intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments, and group reporting.

BOARD International is a leading provider of unified BI and CPM and has enabled over 3,000 companies to improve their business performance by deploying BI and CPM applications in a single integrated environment completely programming-free and in a fraction of time and cost associated with traditional solutions.