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  • APP Customizer

    APP Customizer

    Third Wave’s Advanced Productivity Pack (APP) is a multi-faceted add-on solution. One of APP’s most valuable features is its Customizer module. With APP Customizer, you have the ability to be more productive with your use of SAP Business One. Customizer features the ability to add new controls, move fields, set mandatory fields, custom validations, and integrated menus, making SAP more powerful and flexible as a business management solution.

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    The main features of Customizer include:

    • Visual Changes
    • Add Buttons,Tab, Label & Text controls
    • Easily move User Defined Fields  & standard B1 controls
    • Implement changes on SAP Business One screens and Addon screens
    • Set Mandatory Fields
    • Set Tab Order sequence
    • Validations
    • Record functions using Macro Technology
    • Leverage our “Process Rules” engine to define custom rules
    • Integrated menus – allow you to place menus for your reports anywhere on the SAP menu structure
    • No programming knowledge/experience needed.

    If you think any of these features will enhance your business processes, contact us for more information! Also, please check out our videos for a quick Demonstration on the power of APP’s Customizer module.