SAP Business One – Strategies for better ERP Inventory Management

SAP Business One Inventory Allocation is an area that users look to us at Third Wave to help them define process and set up the system to handle. Most businesses will encounter a stock-out scenario and have to backorder customer order(s). When faced with this scenario the ability to fulfill orders that either have contractual obligations or choosing customers based on criteria becomes important. For example, if you have an order from a major customer like Walmart or Target but you also have an order from your website and your available to promise goes negative but you can fulfill some but not all of the orders. ERP for inventory management can help prevent this situation.

SAP Business One has available to promise information on ERP for inventory management but does not provide hard-allocation functionality. This makes handling back-orders and determining order fulfillment difficult. It causes the overall customer and employee experience to become stressed.

Auto or Manual Allocations

Third Wave has implemented stock allocation at various importer/distributors and delivered various functionality of the allocation tools. Following are examples of how we delivered SAP Business One Inventory Allocation:

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Our Philosophy

As North America’s longest standing SAP Business One Partner we’ve literally been with our customers every step of the way and are deeply passionate about their success. Our leadership team ensures each SAP Business One customer benefits from both our implementation discipline and creative problem solving to support their current and future needs.

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