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  • SAP Business One for SAP HANA

    SAP Business One for SAP HANA

    Enhancing the Options for Small Organizations

    When running a small company, you must wisely consider the consequences of each choice made while knowing when to follow your instincts. You must find software that provides you with trustworthy data that can be utilized to aid you in executing organizational decisions swiftly and economically. Clients globally choose the SAP® Business One app to operate their organization, that choice has been improved with the SAP Business One version from the SAP HANA® platform.

    By utilizing an in-memory platform, SAP Hannah is able to quicken analytics and applications. In addition to speeding up your processing times, SAP HANA allows you to keep a streamlined IT layout, meaning that you can prosper using real-time analysis and rapid application performance. As a result of streamlining your reporting landscape, you can diminish your technology ownership costs by speeding up planning cycles, sales and production processes, and financial transactions.

    Embedded analytics supports Operators every step of the way

    SAP HANA transforms crucial aspects of your organization’s records. This solution rapidly scans through SAP Business One application data to provide you with the crucial information you need to know.  Even if your small business accrues large quantities of information, you will be able to operate intricate, data-intensive analyses in actual-time.  Reports that once took an extensive amount of time to complete now only take seconds.

    This application consist of fixed analytics functionality that rapidly provides vital data to your users that require that information. You will prosper from contextual dashboards that are set up in familiar SAP Business One format.  For example, when you enter a client’s name into a sales order, a side window pops up that shows what products are purchased more frequently by that client, allowing you to boost sales and client approval. By utilizing this function, your organizational transactions will be concluded quicker than ever, giving your clients need.

    Smoother Business Processes for Increased Dexterity

    SAP Business One from SAP HANA, contains innovative functionality that speeds up organizational procedures and increases your bottom line, offering an innovative ATP app that offers visibility into current inventory, ordered stock, restock inventory, and deliveries. You will be able to reserve existing stock for upcoming deliveries while reschedule existing orders instantly to ensure on-time delivery of your clients orders.

    SAP HANA provides an enhanced cash-flow forecasting app, drastically improving your cash balance visibility. This functionality is crucial for small businesses because cash-flow forecasting can be the difference between staying open or permanently going out of business. This innovative app betters cash-flow forecasting by means of tracking sales orders and making calculations like POs, down payments, recurrent postings, and other crucial calculations.

    Main Features

    • Fast Performance backs current users with a quick response time
    • Capability to picture personalized queries with transnational data by utilizing pervasive analytics
    • Advanced functionality with new applications for Available to Promise (ATP) and cash flow forecasting
    • All analytic capabilities from SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA are included

    Business Perks

    • Brand Decisions with Up-to-the-Minute Analysis: Run a wide-ranging business management solution by executing pervasive analytics
    • Run Innovative “Extreme” Applications: Get up-to-the-minute inventory transparency and sales order re-scheduling with innovative ATP and cash flow forecasting
    • People Empowerment: Clients experience prompt excellent service with any questions they may have data-driven decision making
    • Lower TCO by leveraging one app for transactions and analytics