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  • SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA

    Harness the power of an in-memory
    database with SAP HANA

    SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that supercharges the application
    performance for speed and allows you to analyze massive amounts of data in real-time.

    SAP Business One powered by SAP Hana enables small and midsize businesses to transact, analyze data, and make predictions in real-time. You’ll get the advantage of a single application while leveraging the higher performance and speed of SAP HANA.

    SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA

    You’ll get:

    Real-time data access

    Real-time access to trusted data across your entire operation.

    Out-of-the-box functionality

    Out-of-the-box capabilities, including pre-built reports and dashboards.

    Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Reduced TCO with less hardware and maintenance than traditional database solutions.

    Fast performance & improved responsiveness

    Dramatically improved responsiveness in planning, sales, production, and financial processes.

    Interactive reports

    Generate interactive reports in seconds for informed decision-making.

    Simplified IT landscape

    Simplified IT landscape – a single system for transactions and analytics.

    Key capabilities

    Cash flow forecast

    Gain an in-depth look at your cash flow status and ensure you have the cash you need to run your business.

    Interactive analysis

    Use the drag-and-drop report builder to create financial or operational reports with no technical knowledge.

    Dashboard designer

    Create interactive dashboards from your SAP Business One data with point-and-click ease, and gain insights to help you confidently plan for the future.

    Advanced available to promise (ATP)

    Check real-time ATP, reserve ATP, propose delivery schedules, control delivery quantities, and reschedule deliveries.

    Delivery schedule Management

    Expedite orders, confirm order status, view alternative items, check available to promise, and re-schedule sales orders.

    Enterprise search

    Gain faster access to relevant or transactional data with a simple search feature. Apply dynamic filters and drill down while adhering to your data security policies.