MICR Check Printing


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MICR Check Printing

Do you want to eliminate the cost and risk associated with purchasing, storing and distributing pre-printed check stock? Would you like to be able to print checks from multiple bank accounts within a single run? Third Wave’s MICR Check Printing enables you to configure all of your bank accounts in SAP Business One, apply your own check layout, and then securely print them out while complying with the bank rules you set up.

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Securely Print Checks When You Need Them

Whether using blank or pre-printed check stock, Third Wave’s MICR Check Printing will help you reduce costs while gaining more control over your payment process. It seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One so you can quickly and easily print checks while following your business rules. When printing on blank check stock, you are able to customize the check layout, including adding company logos and using special fonts. Only authorized users can print checks and an audit trail is kept in SAP Business One of each transaction. This also reduces the risk of having pre-printed checks stolen and forged.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Print bank checks on blank check stock
  • Design custom checks and assign different layouts for each checking account
  • Choose different layouts to print Overflow Stub information
  • Automatically comply with the signature rules you set with your bank
  • Securely store signature images
  • Easily print non-negotiable copies of your checks

Integrate Your Bank Rules to Use the Right Signature Based on the Check Amount

Using MICR Check Printing’s Smart Signature feature, the correct authorized signatures will be automatically added to your checks based on the dollar amount. For example, MICR Check Printing can be set up to add two signatures to checks above a certain threshold. In addition, you can print different signatures on checks based on the user who approves them. These signature images are encrypted and stored securely in SAP Business One. They can only be accessed by authorized users to ensure the highest level of security.

Easily Customize Your Checks to Create as Many Layouts as You Need

With MICR Check Printing’s easy-to-use drag and drop layout tool, you’ll be able to customize the design of your checks, including logos and fonts. For example, if you’re printing checks for subsidiaries, you can use different company logos, addresses and bank accounts for each layout. In addition, you can choose from the preloaded templates instead of designing your own. You can also choose different layouts for Overflow Stub information, including printing information on a separate page. These powerful features simplify the process and allow you to spend more time working on other business-critical processes.

Streamline Your MICR Check Printing in SAP Business One

Printing checks from directly within SAP Business One has never been easier. Get started with Third Wave’s MICR Check Printing now to reduce costs and enhance the security of your check printing processes.