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  • iVend POS

    iVend POS is a quick, powerful and reliable Point Of Service application operated by an easy-to-use keyboard or touchscreen interface. This application makes the transaction processing error-free, easy-to-use and simple to implement.  iVend POS is the implementation point for configurations done at the Head Office which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns.

    Terminal POS is a traditional POS application filled with a multitude of features as execution points for configurations done at the Head Office; including pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns.

    Mobile POS operates on handheld devices such as iPhones, iPads or select Android tablets. Mobile POS brings the power and proficiency of a traditional POS to a mobile device and aids retailers in enhancing customer experience while maximizing the real estate within the store.

    Transaction Processing Features:

    • Automatic Barcode determination at POS: The system follows a resolution hierarchy to resolve barcodes – Product, Customer, Security User Display customer balance and credit limit on the POS
    • Customer facing display
    • Automatic price determination at POS
    • Automatic Tax determination at POS
    • Override price, discounts and taxes on the POS
    • Look up display pictures, quantity on hand and attributes
    • Sale Refund without reference to a sale transaction
    • Item description override on POS: Used for selling open items and special order items tied to a single item master record
    • Build / Break down Kits in real-time on the POS
    • Ability to re-print receipts to resolve disputes
    • Transaction Preview and Printing over POS
    • Ship to address integration in fulfillment screen on line level
    • Support for multiple transaction types in a single POS transaction: Sale, Sale Return etc.
    • iVend POS offers real-time inventory control
    • iVend POS can be used with both Keyboard and Touch Screen equipment
    • Age verification: POS will prompt the user for the DOB while transacting an item setup for age verification
    • Ability to attach reason code to transactions: Based on the system setup the POS user can be prompted for a reason code for executing a specific transaction
    • Capability to add sale level comments at the POS. These comments can be printed on the receipt.
    • Apply surcharges to POS transactions
    • Prompt the user to place a Sales Order when the store is out of inventory
    • Automatically lock the POS terminal when left idle
    • Client credit limit check on POS
    • Capacity to suspend transactions and recall the suspended transactions
    • Capacity to void items or the complete POS transaction.
    • Capacity to attach different fulfillment plans to different Sales / Order items
    • Easily manage / create customer records from the POS
    • Recalling Sales Attributes
    • Reason code integration
    • Quicken transactions with touch-screen support and keyboard shortcuts
    • Visibility of inventory of all stores or group of stores and warehouses at the POS

    The following transactions are supported through iVend POS:

    – Sale
    – Sale Return
    – Sale Exchange
    – Sales Order booking/Order fulfillment
    – Gift Certificate Sale
    – Coupon Issue
    – Quotation/Convert quotation to Sales Order or Sale
    – Layaway booking / Layaway fulfillment
    – On Account Payment