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  • Valogix Inventory Planner

    Valogix Inventory Planner

    VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is an innovative forecasting and planning tool that will completely alter the way you plan your inventory. This PC-based inventory planning software solution enables you to:

    • Forecast
    • Plan
    • Optimize Inventory

    VALOGIX is fast, inexpensive and user friendly. This application is an intelligent system that preforms difficult calculations for you!

    VALOGIX Inventory Planner determines:

    • Which items to stock
    • Which items to order and
    • Which items are excess or overstocked

    The VALOGIX Planner manages an unlimited number of items and locations, provides flexibility while different planning parameters allow more accurate planning, and it helps you manage by exception.

    Additionally, the software’s intelligence provides alerts of potential difficulties, before they even occur, saving you valuable time and assisting you to avoid possibly serious Client Satisfaction difficulties.