Advanced Productivity Pack


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Advanced Productivity Pack

Enhance Your SAP Business One Environment with APP to Gain New Insight into Your Business, Streamline Your Processes and Improve Communications

How much more productive would you be if you could easily personalize fields and screens in SAP Business One to fit your exact needs? What if you could swiftly produce and view interactive charts and dashboards to reach a better understanding of your company’s performance? Would you be able to streamline processes if you could import journal entries into SAP or automate your bulk/batch delivery of documents and reports? APP provides you with one, easy-to-use solution that can fulfill all of these needs!

SAP Business One Advanced Productivity Pack Overview

Get More Done in Less Time with APP

Advanced Productivity Pack is a certified and completely integrated add-on for SAP Business One that allows you to tailor screens, generate vigorous reports with user-friendly queries.  Email documents and reports based on actions of your operator, automate batch/bulk distribution of documents, import journal entries into SAP, and have full access control monitoring for SOX compliance.  This app integrates four modules (Customizer, Document & Report Delivery, Charts & Dashboards, and Scheduler) to aid you in maximizing your SAP system.

Crucial features include being able to:

  • Customize SAP screens by adding new controls, moving fields, and integrating validations
  • Create robust dashboard reports and charts to quickly gain insight into business performance
  • Easily automate tasks and populate fields in SAP Business One to boost productivity
  • Write and design emails using Microsoft Word then blast them out to create more effective communications
  • Upload journal entries into SAP to ensure your accounting data is available in one system
  • Generate security audit reports to track users for SOX compliance
  • Schedule the automatic delivery of documents such as invoices or commission reports to the right contacts and maintain activity records using APP’s optional Scheduler component

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APP Customizer

Third Wave’s Advanced Productivity Pack (APP) is a multi-faceted add-on solution. One of APP’s most valuable features is its Customizer module. With APP Customizer, you have the ability to be more productive with your use of SAP Business One. Customizer features the ability to add new controls, move fields, set mandatory fields, custom validations, and integrated menus, making SAP more...

APP Document & Report Delivery

Another one of APP’s important Components is its Document Delivery functionality. With this Component, you can easily send simple documents and reports based upon user action, like creating or updating a document/report. You also have the ability to send multiple documents based on user action, like sending a Sales Order acknowledgement to a customer and a separate document to a...

APP Charts & Dashboards

With APP’s Charts & Dashboards Component, you have the ability to build multiple graphical views of SAP Business One using a single query in only a few steps. Add layers of information with built-in refresh times to keep you up-to-date on your business’ key performance. APP’s Interactive Dashboards deliver SAP Business One data without the need for external view licenses....

APP Video Tutorials

Click the links below to view tutorials on how to use Advanced Productivity Pack for key processes. APP Setup & Configuration  Installation, Configuration and Licensing APP Customizer How to automate tasks in SAP Business One using the APP Macro Recorder How to set mandatory fields How to modify default tab sequence How to implement Line Events Use Buttons to simplify...