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When Is the Right Time to Implement ERP and How to Select the Right Vendor

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Rifle Paper Co.: Unifying Business Processes to Support Rapid Growth with SAP Business One

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Emerging PowerInc.

“I have been working with Third Wave Business Systems for the past two years. Our consultant has been really informative and is always there when I need him. Everyone had some misconceptions with SAP early on and was using it as a giant calculator without maximizing its full potential. Now, from Third Wave’s influence, people are seeing what can be done and how quickly things can be turned around. There hasn’t been much that we’ve thrown at you guys that you couldn’t do. Our most beneficial aspect of working with TWBS has got to be that we don’t need to worry. If there is a problem, you guys are there immediately. The reliability and the worry-free feeling we get from working with Third Wave Business Systems is what I would recommend to any prospective clients.”

OGI Eyewear – CES Optical LLC

“I have to say that having a basic, correctly built accounting product is a tremendous relief. We can answer questions today that we couldn’t dream of generating an answer for two years ago. You folks are responsive. You’ve done some amazing things for us. I’ve also found that, in general, you’re very interested in developing our capabilities to use the system. You appear to be able and willing to learn enough about our business to help us figure out how to use the system. , I would be able to recommend you guys as excellent and responsible consultants.”

New Yorker Electronics

“There were a lot of challenges we had to overcome and SAP Business One with Third Wave Business Systems has definitely been helpful in overcoming those challenges. Third Wave is responsive. They’ve done some amazing things for us and have really gone the extra mile in the last two and a half years.”


“Software is about 25% of it (the solution). It is the implementation, the process of making sure things are tweaked just so, that makes software fit your specific needs. And that is extremely important. When a company promises to implement a solution and the hours are lower than Third Wave’s estimate, I would ask them to list out the tasks and time to ensure they are covering all the bases. Our hurdles were based on the previous vendor(partner/reseller) not understanding things correctly. It all comes down to having the right experts.”

Suntex International

“We are particularly blessed to have a systems architect on our team, (the person who oversees functionality of our online product), who was instrumental in helping us through the transition to SAP. When you’re changing my accounting system, I have to really love you! I truly enjoy Korey and all the people I have come in contact with at TWBS; thankfully we were assigned a few individuals who have made the process as painless as possible.”