Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With hundreds of implementations under our belt, we have the experience that enables businesses to realize the expected return on their system investment. Our proven implementation methodology ensures that essential processes and data are mapped appropriately into SAP Business One to get the full benefit of its powerful automation.


Our highly qualified team works in close partnership with you to develop and execute a project plan that sees you through to a successful cut-over with the knowledge you need to get the most from the system.

Third Wave’s ERP Implementation Process

  • Project Launch: Initial planning, agreement of project scope, and confirmation of the overall project structure. A high-level project plan will be completed, and a test system installed.
  • Business Process Mapping: Outline existing business processes, introduce SAP Business One best practices, and modify the initial project plan if required. A detailed project plan is provided along with project team training.
  • Build and Configure: Build and configure all business processes and technical requirements, and prepare the system to perform a proof of concept test.
  • Testing: A properly executed Testing Phase is key to a smooth transition to the Go-Live phase. A series of test scripts will simulate the business while validating the application configuration in a non-production environment.
  • Business Readiness: Assess system, staff, and organization readiness, staff readiness, with a final decision to move to production. End-user training is provided, along with a final cutover plan.
  • Go Live: The client organization starts managing daily activities while the Third Wave team monitors the activities and provides support. The project is signed-off, and follow-up items are scheduled.

This approach eliminates common problems like misaligned business processes, time overruns, unclear roles and responsibilities, and other unwanted surprises.

Connected Enterprise

One of the reasons you chose SAP Business One is its flexibility. We’ll show you how to take advantage of that in addressing your unique business requirements. We’ll also introduce you to other Third Wave products like Versago and Bizweaver that together with SAP Business One help you transform into a truly Connected Enterprise!