SAP Business One – Container Management

SAP Business One users are asking if there is a better way to handle container management. The time it takes to reconcile, update purchase orders, unload the container and update key users on status of containers leads to unnecessary work and lack of visibility and control.

Centralize Information and Automate Processes

At Third Wave we work with numerous importer/distributors and delivered functionality to meet their specific needs. Most times the needs analysis included some or all of the same requirements for SAP Business One Container Management:

Third Wave has created an SAP Business One Container Management solution to deliver solutions to our customers looking for some or all of the above functionality. The creation and updating of information based on status and dates have automated processes that before were time-consuming and required multiple emails to be passed within the organization. The visibility and centralization of information have improved communication, increased control, decreased unloading times, and increased satisfaction of employees and customers.     

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Container Management for SAP Business One Webinar

Our Philosophy

As North America’s longest-standing SAP Business One Partner we’ve literally been with our customers every step of the way and are deeply passionate about their success. Our leadership team ensures each SAP Business One customer benefits from both our implementation discipline and creative problem solving to support their current and future needs.

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