Client Stories

Client Stories

Learn how our successful customers run their small and mid-sized businesses on SAP Business One

DRI Duck Traders

Integration challenge

Kansas-based outdoor workwear manufacturer DRI Duck Traders was facing growth, and company leaders wanted to make sure their processes and business system were ready to handle it.

Third Wave solution
  • Performed a growth analysis, identifying the processes that would need to adjust for the company to grow.
  • Offered multiple solutions that would meet the standards of that product industry
  • Integrated data for analysis of product quality
Real Results
  • Data can be shared with customers – something DRI Duck had not anticipated needing to do.
  • With access to more data, DRI Duck has been able to expand its product line.
  • Company growth has continued without any bottlenecks.
  • Leadership is confident they can meet the likely challenges that come with growth.

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OGI Eyewear

Integration Challenge

Shortly after launching SAP Business One, this boutique eyewear manufacturer experienced steady growth, despite losing its implementation partner, which went out of business. OGI soon hit a ceiling, facing inefficient accounting and trouble planning its inventory. The team needed to retool its SAP implementation, so they turned to Third Wave.

Third Wave Solution
  • Integrated existing accounting tools and files into SAP Business One.
  • Input OGI’s inventory into Business One, then automated the processes that had been manual.
  • Tracked product data to ascertain the life of the product.
  • Focused on teaching OGI’s IS manager how to use the tool to its fullest.
Real Results
  • Accounting time is significantly reduced, with reports generated with just a couple of clicks.
  • Each product is on the way to having an accuratelifespan attached.
  • Inventory planning goes much more smoothly, with significantly fewer problems.
  • OGI leadership and employees are more relaxed. Stress has dropped noticeably.

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Zeus Scientific

Supply Chain Challenge

Medical diagnostic testing manufacturers like Zeus Scientific are highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This means they need to keep track of a lot of data, and if it isn’t automated, the headcount—and headaches—go way up.

Third Wave Solution
  • Automated data entry processes with systems that are tied together, to ensure communication at all levels of the company.
  • Set up Versago on the production floor to let the team track the whole production process
  • Implemented Ship Easy to speed up package labeling and shipping speed.
Real Results
  • After automating numerous processes, such as order entry, order allocation, and pick lists, the company spends more time  analyzing data than entering it.
  • Orders are shipping more efficiently.
  • Company leaders are expecting further growth, and they’re not worrying about how they will meet customer demands.

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Vigo Industries

Inventory Challenge

When Vigo Industries experienced an unprecedented rise in demand for their luxury kitchen and bath products, they soon realized that their inventory management system couldn’t handle the influx of orders. They needed to fast-track a solution to keep up with success and protect them against inventory errors.

Third Wave Solution
  • Orchestrated a smooth transition from legacy system to SAP Business One
  • Seamlessly integrated existing accounting tools and files
  • Built tracking measures and data visibility to ensure better order management
Real Results
  • SAP Business One manages orders with speed and precision: from entry, to management, to fulfillment
  • Current inventory records update automatically, preventing overages and shortages
  • With improved data visibility, Vigo gained a better understanding of its inventory processing including bottleneck points
  • 30% growth since Third Wave’s SAP Business One implementation with efficient inventory management spurring manufacturing gains

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Worldwide Supply

Asset Management Challenge

WorldWide Supply supports over 200 brands with quality new and pre-owned networking equipment and service solutions. They needed an inventory and warehouse management solution that could keep up. Enter Third Wave.

Third Wave Solution
  • Collaborated on business processes and then SAP Business One modules and reporting to increase efficiency and visibility
  • Supplied diverse and tailored solutions to meet WorldWide’s daily $500 million inventory stack
  • Supported systems set-up for asset intake and management
Real Results
  • Worldwide Supply leverages nearly all Third Wave add-ons maximizing the impact of SAP Business One
  • Communication and paperwork have been streamlined companywide, supporting every department
  • WorldWide Supply has the right foundation for continued strong growth in the coming years

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Santec Chemicals

Manufacturing Challenge

The complexity of Santec Chemicals’ manufacturing and project management systems challenged prior contractors lacking comprehensive business process experience. An insightful partner was needed to deliver efficiencies through data transparency, ultimately resulting in better decision-making.

Third Wave Solution
  • Provided effective instruction, training and support on the use of SAP Business One
  • Implemented a data analysis system to process critical information for projects
  • Configured SAP Business One to reduce energy and resources allocations and refine reporting
Real Results
  • Santec runs more intelligent manufacturing, with enhanced project management driven by data
  • Improved data visibility empowers company leadership to plan cost-effective delivery and the best resources for every project
  • SAP Business One’s user-friendly dashboards boosted employee morale

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