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One web app for every person, process and place, streamlining digital communications across your business and SAP Business One.

Versago connects every department, location, channel, and partner with your SAP Business One data, powering users to perform any task, workflow and request imaginable.

With Versago’s template library, you get fully featured portals for customers, employees, and vendors. You’ll also be able to address specific needs for people in every facet of your operations — production, distribution, delivery, fulfillment, sales, service, ecommerce, AP, vendor management, HR and more.

Growing businesses sometimes struggle to keep their teams and departments digitally connected as they scale and thrive. The all-in-one Versago app answers every challenge.

Which of these sounds familiar?


+ We have some human processes and tasks outside of SAP that need to be streamlined.

Skip custom development work and the associated costs. Versago empowers non-technical individuals to build web solutions with configurations that match the way you do business.

+ Those processes and tasks that are outside of the ERP could be better synchronized with the ERP.
+ Some processes involve employees, customers, and vendors who do not have access to SAP Business One.
+ The people involved could be located anywhere.
+ A limited number of people may have direct access to key data into SAP.
+ It’s not always practical to train everyone on SAP Business One.
+ We've got too many single-purpose apps across our business. It would be great to consolidate.
+ “Non-technical” app building tools are still too complex.
+ We need applications built with SAP Business One in mind.

Deploy Versago Solutions Fast

No Coding Required

Versago 3.0 is perfect for any type of business running on SAP Business One, and for anyone in any role.

From Living Home Decorations to Industrial Engines, Designer Wall Coverings to Animal Pharmaceuticals, Fashion Eyewear to Ship Chandling, all types of businesses are getting more done with Versago web solutions for operations and processes. Whether you’re in sales, on the shop floor, in the warehouse, in the field, at the back office, or a customer or vendor, Versago digitally streamlines your business communications.


Agritech Solutions

Retail Footwear

Media Broadcasting

High-End Tiling

Commercial Moving

Designer Eyeware

Gas & Diesel Engines

Industrial Precision Cleaning

Healthcare Document Management

Fabric Wholesales

Pro Audio

Mobile Device Merchandizing

Commercial Flooring

Process Control Solutions

Voice & Data Communications

Sustainable Masonry Supply

Living Decor

Custom Furniture

Home Decor

Brush & Applicator Manufacturer

Electronics Distributor

Animal Wellness, Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing Products Wholesale

Spinal Implants

Point of Sale Solutions

Math Education

Floor Heating

Connectivity Infrastructure Services

OLED Technologies

Golf & Turf Distribution

Bathroom, Kitchen, Shower Faucets, Enclosures

Augmented Reality

Retail Wall Coverings

Clinical Diagnostic Solutions






Project Managers


AR Clerks

AP Clerks

HR Directors

Sales Managers

Service Techs

Production Managers

Shipping & Receiving

Warehouse Directors

Purchasing Managers

Product Designers

Manufacturers Reps

Field Sales Reps

Field Service Technicians





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We launched Third Business Systems over 20 years ago to provide growing businesses like yours a reliable, proven partner for life - one that understands your business first, and then solves stubborn process challenges by creating solutions with SAP Business One.

“Versago helped us streamline processes that allow both time and cost savings. The value add of Versago will carry us well into the future.”

– Anthony Mariani, Director Account Management, Certified

Versago 3.0: Get the Most out of Your Investment in SAP Business One

Avoid the expense of point solutions and configure any combination of data views, data capture, approval workflow, and visualizations in Versago.

Purchase Request Approval Routing

I need a fast, accurate way to route Purchase Requests for approval and post Purchase Orders to SAP Business One.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Create a Purchase Request form in Versago for employees to fill out and mark as ready.
  2. Add multi-level approval routing rules.
  3. Create a view for approvers to review and approve.
  4. Automatically initiate the purchase order and post to SAP.

AP Invoice Approval Routing


I need a fast, accurate way to route AP Invoices for approval and post them to SAP Business One.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Vendor invoices are uploaded to a Versago form and details entered. Most data entry is automatically completed via Versago’s SAP connection.
  2. Approvers have a Versago view into invoices awaiting approval and can update status.
  3. The approved invoice posts to SAP automatically.
  4. All departments and roles have visibility via Versago.

Production Data Capture

I need to offload issuing components and handling good receipts from highly paid senior managers using SAP to production floor staff.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Provide a simple view of production orders in Versago connected to SAP.
  2. Using tablets, production floor staff click the order-to-Versago form to capture production data.
  3. Use this data to automatically post order update, goods issue, and goods receipts to SAP.
  4. Production floor staff see immediate confirmation of updates in SAP via Versago.

Track Revenue

I need sales managers who do not have SAP access to see the revenue performances across our many brands.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Create a simple view in Versago connected to SAP data showing revenue vs. budget and forecast for last year, current year, and next year.
  2. Create Versago charts to visualize revenue performance by any dimension (customer, customer group, region etc.).

Delivery Confirmations

I need a way to ensure accurate and available shipment lists, confirm deliveries, and record customer receipt.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Create a simple view in Versago of delivery shipment lists (connected from SAP) that drivers access from their phones or tablets.
  2. Link a Versago form for drivers to record the delivery and capture customer signature.
  3. Post delivery and confirmation automatically to SAP.
  4. Create Versago charts to visualize delivery activity by any dimension (customer, group, etc.).

Receive Payments from Customers


I want to enable customers to pay invoices on-line to reduce payment cycle times.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Present a secure web page with open invoices and current balances.
  2. Enable customers to enter full or partial payment amounts to one or more invoices.
  3. Process credit cards or e-check payments against a payment gateway.
  4. Versago posts payments to SAP automatically and provides a complete transaction audit trail and reporting.

Process Returns to Optimize Sales


I need a simple way to ensure returned items are known and available for resale immediately upon arriving at our facility.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. When returns arrive, we scan the items directly into a Versago form.
  2. The returned items can be used to fulfill new orders immediately.
  3. Reporting is available to assess the value of pending returns by location and date.

Manage Field Service Calls


I need a way to capture field service call details on location as well as order parts.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Service techs fill out a Versago form on their phone or tablet with call details, time, parts, and signatures. Most data is filled automatically via SAP connection, saving time.
  2. Service call is added or updated in SAP automatically including orders. Email confirmation with attached invoice is sent to the customer.
  3. Appropriate internal roles can review the complete call history in Versago.

Simplify Employee PTO Tracking


I need PTO entry and tracking for my team without having to buy expensive software.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Create a view in Versago for employees to see accrued, used, and remaining PTO.
  2. Link it to a Versago form to enter PTO request details.
  3. Create a view for managers to review and approve PTO requests for just their team.
  4. Add email notifications as needed.

Capture Clean-Room Production Data & Save to SAP Batches


I need production teams to record environment conditions and test results during runs and saved automatically with the batch in SAP for future reference.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Lab techs enter the required data into Versago on their tablet during the production run.
  2. The data is automatically added at the batch level in SAP.
  3. Any quality issues reported back to the company can now be traced to the conditions at the time of production.

Stock Visibility for Partners

We need to spend less time communicating stock availability to our partners and understanding what can be sold short or long term.

Here’s how with Versago:

  1. Create a view in Versago for internal sales to see inventory availability over time based on current and available stock levels, committed sales orders, and purchase orders.
  2. Provide role-based, appropriately filtered views to external partners to see the same.


Versago comes with numerous functional modules that enable you to rapidly deploy solutions to digitally connect your business and SAP Business One.

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Designed with every department and any user in mind, Versago solutions streamline, automate and enhance your operations, empowering every employee, customer and vendor on any mobile, tablet, and desktop device.


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“Versago has become an indispensable self-service app for SAP Business One for our reps and executives. We use it in other ways too, such as scanning returns, giving us the ability to quickly repurpose them for new orders. I don’t know if we’ll ever be done finding uses for Versago.”

– Luke Brown – Director Information Systems, OGI Eyeware

Learn more about Versago 3.0’s powerful capabilities and pre-built templates.

+ Here’s What’s New in Versago 3.0
  • Reduced solution configuration time via streamlined, modernized admin user experience and performance improvements
  • Modernized, simplified end-user experience for employees, customers, and vendors
  • UI standardization using Google’s familiar Material UI
  • Extended integration options
  • Extensive form/data capture configuration improvements
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard designer
  • New drag-and-drop custom menu designer
  • Flexible underlying code framework supporting faster Versago product innovation
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