Versago is a role-based web platform enabling users to access, submit/approve, update, and gain insight into any data on SAP and other databases. Reduce your business’s reliance on paper, email, spreadsheets, standalone portals, and apps, and consolidate process and communication channels with Versago.

Using Versago’s simple web user interface, employees, customers, and vendors can process information on any device while connected to SAP Business One. Versago provides everything needed to configure smart, simple solutions that support unique and industry-specific use-cases.

Get started fast with pre-built templates.

"In the past we relied on emails to order parts for jobs. This cost us tim not to mention if an email was overlooked. Versago has allowed us to create a more automated process that provides transparency for everyone."

- Ryan Krutzfeld, VP of Operations, Collicutt Energy

"Versago has helped eliminate redundant work allowing more time for value-added tasks."

- Deanna Liberatore, Assistant Controller, Vuzix

"Versago is a very cost-effective and flexible tool that has become central to running our day to day business. We look forward to implementing it in a more customer-facing role in the future.”

- TJ Smith, President, EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works)

"Versago helped us streamline processes that allow both time and cost savings. The value add of Versago will carry us well into the future."

- Anthony Mariani, Director, Account Management, Certified

"I don't know if we'll ever be done finding uses for Versago."

- Ryan Krutzfeld, Vice President, Operations, Collicutt Energy

“Versago has become an indispensable self-service portal to SAP for our reps and executives. We use it in other ways too, such as scanning returns, giving us the ability to quickly repurpose them for new orders.”

- Luke Brown, Director, Information Systems, OGI Eyeware

A Connected Digital Business Model

Reduce Reliance on Custom Solutions

Eliminate standalone portals and apps that require custom coding and separate integrations. Replace portal proliferation with one Versago.

Centralize Access for All Users

Versago connects to multiple databases, SQL or HANA. Connect people to one or more SAP companies or  other application databases.

Get Started Now

BAD Before

Passing data around in spreadsheets in email

Using paper mail for things like invoicing and payment

Faxing — more paper-based thinking

Paper forms

Keying information into SAP from email and paper forms

GOOD After

Centralize on One Role-Based Portal Platform

Implement a repeatable and reliable user experience that is configured to meet your business’s unique needs.