Credit Card Processing

Seamlessly Authorizes Transactions while Protecting Your Business

Do you need to be able to process credit cards quickly and seamlessly within SAP Business One while ensuring compliance? Third Wave’s SAP Credit Card Processing is available for SAP Business One, providing you and your customers with the security of PCI compliance through the utilization of tokens to run payment processes the way you want.

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PCI Compliant SAP Credit Card Processing for Simple and Secure Payments within SAP Business One

Third Wave’s SAP Credit Card Processing (CCP) is a Certified SAP Add-on for Business One that makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments while helping you achieve PCI compliance. This is critical if you want to lower your transaction fees while protecting your company from data breaches and significant penalties.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Ensure PCI Compliance by utilizing tokens
  • Gain support for Level II and III transaction data
  • Supports multiple gateway accounts in a single SAP B1 Database
  • Authorize and settle multiple credit cards in a single transaction
  • Reauthorize partial or expired authorizations
  • Apply partial credit card or down payments
  • Verify the address associated with a credit card to reduce fraud and cut costs for redirected packages
  • View transaction history at the Sales Order or Invoice
  • Create incoming payments in one step
  • Process securely with CyberSource, or Payeezy

Take Advantage of Extensive SAP Payment Gateway Support with Level II & III Integration

CCP supports Level II and Level III card data so you can qualify for lower transaction rates. By using CyberSource or as your payment gateway with CCP, you’ll be able to transact payments in nearly 200 countries and over 20 currencies in a single connection.

It will allow you to process transactions all the time, anytime, regardless of volume growth or peaks in order volume.

Robust Functionality and Workflows for Fast Process Authorizations and Payments

CCP provides you with the flexibility to process payments according to your preferences and business needs. In order to speed up your processes, CCP enables you to perform batch authorizations to approve multiple payments at one time. You have the ability to re-authorize credit cards if an order changes or a transaction expired

In addition, you can authorize multiple cards for an order to ensure payment is received. There are also various settlement options, including paying in full as well as receiving down payments, installment payments or partial payments. These options reduce the time required for authorizing payments while supporting robust workflow scenarios.

Store Customer Credit Card Preferences and Authorize Payments Based on Their Payment Terms

With CCP, you can specify a customer’s default credit card to ensure faster payments. You can also set up a one-time card use for a payment, or use additional cards to split orders. All card-related data is only stored as tokens by the gateway. No creditcard data is stored inside SAP Business One. You can then easily process payments based on your customer’s payment terms, including at sales order, invoice, or delivery. You also have the option to enter a markup, which allows you to add to a percentage increase to the total cost of the order. When it’s time to complete the credit card transaction, all it takes is a couple of clicks to create all of the settlements and incoming payments.

Reduce Shipping Costs by Verifying Addresses during the Authorization Process

CCP provides a seamless integration with Third Wave’s ShipEasy add-on for SAP Business One, enabling you to include any additional shipping costs to the payment. This ensures that you charge the full amount for shipping. You can also utilize the address verification feature, which matches the credit card number to the stored address on the card. This helps protect you against fraudulent transactions as well as reduces the costs for redirected packages due to incorrect address information.