Third Wave creates custom Solutions for growing businesses, designed to connect you to your enterprise and to empower everyone – customers, vendors and employees – to communicate across your ecosystem. Together, we help you gain control and thrive in a digital world.

All our solutions are built with SAP Business One at the core.

Together, these Four Cs form the backbone of ThirdWave’s approach, with far-reaching consequences long after launching your ERP.

Designed in collaboration with you, our team leverages both Third Wave products and those from our partners to realize the solutions required to support your growth.

People Ask Us About…

Increase order volume, ship on time, and get top product placement with our end-to-end EDI solution powered by OpenText.
+ Warehouse Management
+ Payments
+ eCommerce Integration
+ Platform Integration
+ B2B Commerce
+ Container Management
+ Web/Mobile Solutions
+ Shipping Solutions

Core ERP System

There comes a time when your business simply outgrows your first accounting system or managing by spreadsheets. This is not a problem, it’s an opportunity to put a new foundation in place, a new core.

SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP system for small and mid-size businesses in the industry. It’s the Core that will support your business for years to come, integrating, and automating transactions throughout the operation.


We know your business is unique. Leveraging Business One’s open, flexible data architecture and comprehensive API we can further automate the Core to meet your unique needs.

Finally bring everything together:

  • Intercompany Transactions
  • Cataloging
  • Pricelist management
  • Container management
  • Shipping rate shopping
  • Service contract updates
  • Rules-driven credit holds
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Connected Enterprise

You rely on other critical platforms and systems outside of the core SAP Business One. To compete and thrive in the digital economy these systems must be connected and synchronized with the core. Third Wave brings the tools, experience, and pre-built integrations that can be modified to meet your integration needs.

Platform Integrations

  • Salesforces
  • HubSpot
  • Concur
  • 3PLs
  • LTLs
  • EDI
  • and more

eCommerce Integrations

  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shift4Shop
  • More
No matter how “snap-in” other vendors make it sound, experience counts when it comes to synchronizing other platforms with your ERP. Third Wave’s signature integration and process automation tool, Bizweaver reflects this experience by combining capability with ease of use. It comes with pre-built integration solutions and is backed by the deep experience of our consultants when you need it.

Communicate With Your Team

Email, spreadsheets, phone, paper, fax, chat – are too often overlooked as major causes of inefficiency. These communication channels are neither unified nor in sync with the Core. Third Wave replaces these error-prone channels with task-focused web-based solutions that connect employees, customers, and vendors to each other and to SAP Business One.

We recommend that everything that can be automated, should be. But that doesn’t eliminate the need for human communication across your processes.

The Third Wave Difference

We developed Versago and BizWeaver to enable unparalleled communication between your departments and across all processes. That is your chance to truly get everyone on the same page.

Web Apps

Not everyone who makes your company run will use Business One, but you can provide employees, customers and vendors the information and interaction they need where and when they need it. From sales to the warehouse to the shop floor, customer self-service and beyond. Versago and Bizwaver enable rapid development of web solutions that simplify communication throughout your whole organization.

  • Complex Project Order Intake, Workflow/approval, Status, Reporting
  • Customer Services RFQs, Ordering, Invoicing, Payments
  • Production Order Approval, Shop Floor Data Capture, Assembly Instructions
  • Returns Receiving
  • Purchase Request Workflow/Approval
  • Field Service, Parts Ordering, Time & Expense Entry
  • Vendor P.O. Processing and Shipping Updates

Event-based Email Notifications

  • Approval requests
  • Report distribution
  • Process status updates
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Control Operations and Finance

When other systems and people are working in sync with the core, the result is control. There is true visibility and few-to-no surprises. Lifeblood areas such as pricing, forecasting, trade partnerships, AR, AP, and customer satisfaction are no longer volatile. The business is free to innovate and grow.

When Business One is leveraged to its fullest potential, all the various functions in your organization come together and run more smoothly than you ever imagined. Third Wave provides solutions in the areas where control is vital.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Increase order volume, ship on time and get top product placement with our end-to end EDI solution powered by OpenText.



Streamline incoming credit card and EFT payments and manage online. 


Inventory Management

Automate warehouse operations and make decisions based on real-time data with Wisys’ adoptable and scalable tool.


B2B Commerce

Take B2B, B2C, D2C ecommerce to the next level powered by FocusPoint, designed specifically for SAP Business One.

UPS     FedEx     USPS

Shipping Solutions

Manage all your shipping tasks directly within SAP Business One and integrate with all major carries, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more. 

Make these solutions possible with many of our own in-house products.



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We launched Third Business Systems over 20 years ago to provide growing businesses like yours a reliable, proven partner for life - one that understands your business first, and then solves stubborn process challenges by creating solutions with SAP Business One.

"We see SAP Business One as an ally at Rifle Paper Co. Not only does the software keep everyone on the same page, but it also gives us valuable information that we can use to grow the business and meet our goals."

- Bobby Morrison, Director of Enterprise Systems and Services, Rifle Paper Co.

"In the past we relied on emails to order parts for jobs. This cost us tim not to mention if an email was overlooked. Versago has allowed us to create a more automated process that provides transparency for everyone."

- Ryan Krutzfeld, VP of Operations, Collicutt Energy