eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Integrate SAP Business One With Your eCommerce Platform

A Flexible Pre-Built Integration for Connecting Leading eCommerce Platforms with SAP Business One

Whether you’re considering SAP Business One or developing a plan to integrate your eCommerce solution with your existing implementation, you need a flexible e-commerce solution that meets your unique needs affordably.

Our platform, BizWeaver, quickly and inexpensively connects your eCommerce solution with SAP Business One using a customizable pre-built integration. Our team of experts is here to address any special needs you may have and ensure the outcome you expect from the SAP and e-commerce integration.

Third Wave provides SAP Business One integration solutions for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, Magento, and other leading platforms and marketplaces.

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An Easy-to-Manage Solution
Designed for Growing Businesses

Still Considering ERP Options

Integrate your eCommerce platform immediately after SAP Business One implementation. No lengthy onboarding. No complicated setup. Once SAP Business One is ready, we’ll help you get your eCommerce integrated fast.

Existing SAP Business One User

Overwhelmed with integration options? The choice is easy. Third Wave offers the only solution with years of SAP Business One experience baked in, anticipating your needs and SAP configuration.

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Integrate SAP Business One with Leading Platforms

Our flexible e-commerce solutions synchronize the essential information, provide full visibility into all activity, and automate error correction.

Creation of All SAP UDF’s and SQL Tables

Automatic and customizable creation of all objects and tables needed to make the integration work.

eCommerce Items to SAP

Items on eCommerce that pre-date the integration are matched to SAP.

Item management to eCommerce

Using the included Versago web portal, manage item detail presentation including percentage of total stock in SAP.

SAP Items to eCommerce

All Active Sales items are sent to your eCommerce platform with automatic syncing of new items.

eCommerce Orders to SAP

Valid orders are automatically sent to SAP for processing.

Order Error Handling to SAP

On-demand error handling of orders that cannot sync to SAP due to formatting issues. Automatic resync to SAP upon correction.

SAP to eCommerce Fulfillment

Automatic full or partial order fulfillment from eCommerce upon Delivery creation in SAP.

Item Images to eCommerce

Add an Image URL to any item and sync with your eCommerce platform as the primary image.

SAP Inventory Stock levels to eCommerce

Automatically update inventory stock levels from SAP to eCommerce

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Why Third Wave?

We specialize in the implementation of adaptable enterprise resource planning for small and medium-sized businesses.

With our proprietary integration platform, BizWeaver, we help provide:

  • Inexpensive integration solutions that work with all major eCommerce platforms
  • Fast implementation to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat
  • Flexibility to meet the evolving needs of your eCommerce operations
  • A low long term cost of ownership with easy configuration options
  • Two decades working with hundreds of growing businesses and SAP Business One

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Bizweaver by Third Wave

BizWeaver connects SAP Business One to critical platforms and partners for your business – including your eCommerce platform of choice.

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Leveraging our web and mobile portal platform, Versago

With our flexible e-commerce solutions, users can view and edit items queued up for sync between SAP and your eCommerce platform, as well as Order data being passed back to SAP.

Users can also quickly resolve errors and update to handle them automatically from the e-commerce integration solution if they recur.

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Connect and automate your business with Bizweaver

Our services include implementation, training, and support for SAP Business One, a flexible and easy to use ERP Solution to help you make better decisions, solve your business challenges, and grow your company.