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Industry Expertise

Third Wave Business Systems recognizes the fact that every industry has specific and distinct requirements that are essential to making their business run as efficiently & effectively as possible, while also increasing their return on investment. As a result, Third Wave has the functional knowledge, business experience, and technical skill to address these needs.

Third Wave has had vast experience working with organizations in virtually every industry, including:

Apparel & Footwear

Many companies in the Apparel & Footwear industry work with solutions that are inadequate for their business, resulting in the adoption of inefficient processes. Additionally, because this industry has specific needs regarding client/channel management, styles/sizes/colors, and distributions, it’s important to have a complete solution that is targeted to meet these frequent challenges. Here at Third Wave Business Systems, we realize...

Consumer Products

Today consumer products businesses are increasingly going to market through multiple sales channels. Selling thru big box retailers, specialty retailers, online marketplaces, B2B and B2C eCommerce, and more. Each sales channel has unique order and fulfillment processes, inventory allocation needs and integration challenges that need to be accommodated. You are also managing product purchasing from multiple manufacturers in different countries...

Distributors & Wholesalers

To be recognized as a top-performing distribution/ wholesale company, there are unique industry-related issues as well as internal company issues that need to be solved. In order for your company to effectively manage crucial business process and ensure growth, there are some processes that are important to take into consideration. As your organization develops in the Distribution & Wholesale industry...


Here at Third Wave Business Systems, we understand how crucial it is for the manufacturing industry to streamline operations to increase efficiency and remain competitive. As your organization continues down a path of maturity & growth, you'll face various challenges that your existing business systems cannot address. To keep up with your competition, you want to be able to accelerate...

Life Sciences

Third Wave Business Systems understands how crucial a strong business system is to a successful company in the Life Sciences industry. Most often, your company will need to transition from a more research-based company to one that needs to sell, distribute, and track their products and inventory. While this is definitely a positive transition, often times the business management solution...