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Business Management Solutions for Life Sciences

Third Wave Business Systems understands how crucial a strong business system is to a successful company in the Life Sciences industry. Most often, your company will need to transition from a more research-based company to one that needs to sell, distribute, and track their products and inventory.

While this is definitely a positive transition, often times the business management solution or ERP system you are using becomes inadequate. Chances are you’re asking, “When is the right time and to what extent do we invest in business systems to meet our new needs and requirements?”

Third Wave Business Systems specializes in creating a complete solution for cost-conscious businesses. Our proven and successful approach is applied through teaming with clients to set the foundation for their businesses while possessing the industry knowledge to see that their goals are met in the long run.

Our approach has assisted our clients in tackling the challenges of growing their business as well as installing the processes necessary to ensure success. We understand how as your business matures it becomes crucial to have a business system that allows you to understand the relationship between the demand for the products you produce and the lead time required to produce the product. It’s important that you are able to track and audit the production of raw materials, and in an industry like Life Sciences that is highly regulated, it becomes a requirement.

Creating an auditable GAAP compliant system is just one of the initial challenges Third Wave addresses. Of course there are also FDA, EFSA, and other government regulations that come into play as well when transforming your processes to sync as you mature.

Our ERP experts are skilled at adapting software to your specific business requirements and strategic business processes. Many firms have even seen the pre-regulatory approval process brought to life on their new system in as little as seven to ten weeks.

By choosing Third Wave, you are proactively addressing today’s needs and preparing for the next set of challenges that success will bring. Our approach sets the foundation by providing an affordable but complete solution with a phased approach that fits Life Science organizations based upon where you are in your life cycle.

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