Project Accounting Suite

Project Accounting Suite (PAS) for SAP Business One

Third Wave's Project Accounting Suite (PAS) for SAP Business One is a full featured Professional Services Automation tool that enables organizations to proactively manage their business. PAS helps streamline business processes involved in the project lifecycle; including project setup, labor and expense capture, cost and revenue allocation, project-based billing, revenue recognition, and project reporting. With tighter control of processes within SAP Business One and easy performance tracking, PAS is a critical tool you should have in your Professional Services toolkit.

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Some key features of Project Accounting Suite include:

  • Flexible project work breakdown structures enable the creation of simple and complex projects
  • Detailed resource and rate assignment allowing employees to be assigned in groups of by specific employee
  • Budget, resource, and General Ledger account assignment at every level of detail, providing control and flexibility in the project design
  • Simple and accurate Time and Expense reporting that can be accessed in SAP Business One or over the Web
  • Integrated directly with standard SAP Business One Transactions allowing the ability to assign and allocate costs to the project from a host of SAP marketing documents
  • Recognize revenue off-cycle to when bills are calculated using flexible rules including: schedule, percentage of completion, and as-earned time and materials
  • Analysis of resource utilization and productivity in real-time
  • Monitor project portfolio performance through a library of dashboards, operational and analytical reports, budget versus actual reports, and project profitability
  • Web-based eRequisition streamlines requisitions and controls costs
  • Full project accounting journals that automate the work-in-progress accounting process
Third Wave''s Project Accounting Suite (PAS) is an SAP Certified solution that extends the power of SAP Business One for Professional Service firms and other project oriented organizations. Third Wave is committed to helping you get the most out of your SAP Business One investment with our suite of SAP Certified Business One solutions. Contact Third Wave today with any questions!


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