Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Watch Third Wave’s Customer Satisfaction Stories

Third Wave receives SAP Business One #1 Award for Customer Satisfaction and Retention- Third Wave is proud to be acknowledged by SAP and earn this prestigious industry award.


OGI Eyeware- Learn how Third Wave empowered our customer OGI Eyeware to manage the details and make smart decisions with the implementation of SAP Business One to drive growth.


Taiki USA Inc – Hear from our client Taiki how Third Wave is helping to take them into the future


Dri Duck Traders- Learn how Third Wave supported the growth plans for our customer with the implementation of SAP Business One.


Versago Overview- A quick, general overview of the most flexible web & mobile portal available for SAP Business One. Learn more about how Third Wave is helping customers with Versago.


Versago OEC Customer Order Process- Q: How does your business suffer when information doesn’t flow easily between people and Business One? A: It slows down response to demand and degrades customer experience, employee morale, and ultimately the bottom line! Here’s just one of hundreds of scenarios where Versago comes to the rescue.