The Benefits of SAP Business One


Cost Benefits Of SAP Business One

Your business is unique. Success in a competitive marketplace is what sets you apart from all other businesses. In order to obtain such success, it starts with your business systems, which need to support your entire operation – both core basic operations as well as those functions that allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

SAP Business One supports fundamental core business processes and can be extended to your unique processes and approach without “breaking” the rest of the application.

Since your business is constantly changing as it is growing, your competitive landscape and technology need change as well. The need for extensions will continue long after the initial implementation.

SAP Business One allows changes to be made to the system during the original implementation and long after the system is up and operational.

SAP Business One was developed from the ground up to support your organization’s unique requirements. Any and all core functionality your business would need is built into the application, providing a broad, horizontal set of functionality.

These benefits of SAP Business One can be easily extended to provide a unique set of capabilities specific to your company. Since the baseline application is highly customizable in SAP Business One, it can be easily expanded by adding additional data, processing logic, or new functionality. In order to accomplish this, a high level of technical expertise is not needed.

SAP Business One Extensibility:

  • Additional Information: New field data can be added and deployed in minute within SAP Business One. Whether you need to add additional information about products, customers, or vendors, you are able to do this with ease.
  • New Windows Screens: Adding completely new data elements requires new data entry screens/windows. SAP Business One has a powerful screen painting tool so any user can create a new screen that conforms to the SAP interface in a matter of minutes.
  • Changing Existing Windows/Screens: By adding additional data, performing simple calculation, or setting predefined values, you are making your data more consistent and accessible. SAP Business One allows you to add additional logic to existing SAP windows. The additional logic is stored as data and is not weaved throughout the core programming of SAP Business One, therefore not affecting future upgrades because it is segregated from the core application.
  • Industry Specific Enhancements: If your organization has industry-specific requirements, you can easily snap in a commercial extension to meet these requirements, and it is as easy as installing any other Windows application.
  • Extension Not Customization: SAP Business One has been designed from the ground up to support extensions. The core business logic does not need to be replicated within the extension. Instead, SAP provides access to all of their core logic. Future upgrades and enhancements to the application will allow the extension to be included without expensive and time consuming retrofitting.
  • Business Users Can Perform All These Extensions: Any necessary changes can easily be made by any user and does not require technical staff. In doing so, users can get results and refine the solution more quickly. SAP Business One manages all of the complexity of extending the application to make it easier for the end user.

If you are looking to learn more about how to add extensibility to your business, contact Third Wave Business Systems today, and see how you can profit from the power of SAP Business One.

-Tom Nelson, Consultant

Benefits of SAP Business One