Manage Purchase-to-Pay Requirements with SAP Business One


Manage Purchase-to-Pay RequirementsHow do you accommodate unique order and fulfillment processes, inventory allocation needs, and integration challenges for each channel? With SAP Business One, your business can effectively manage purchase-to-pay requirements.

Talk to our SAP Business One experts to learn how to:
  • Manage complex purchasing requirements and workflows, including blanket purchase agreements, drop shipments, multi-warehouse shipments, multiple release dates, and back orders
  • Ensure that your purchase prices are accurate by easily maintaining vendor contract pricing
  • Maintain product shipment and estimated receipt dates, providing up to date information to available to promise and MRP tools
  • Manage the purchase side of the supply chain, including in-transit inventory, receipts, and other logistics operations
  • Gain accurate inventory valuation by capturing and allocating landed costs

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