Easily Build Responsive Portals Utilizing an Innovative Codeless Development Platform

How can you provide your entire ecosystem with real-time information that’s consumable on any device? Would you like to easily capture data and updates from your stakeholders? What steps do you need to take to make your data more meaningful and actionable? How do you transform business as usual into business as visual? Versago is an innovative new codeless development platform that will reinvent the way you connect your stakeholders with business-critical information. It opens the door to more informed decisions, improved customer satisfaction, better vendor relations, and much more.

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Provide Web Forms and Real-Time Information and Visualizations on Any Device

Versago is a versatile, easy to use codeless development platform that creates self-service portals for all members of your ecosystem. It enables you to quickly build responsive, cross-platform business apps that include Web forms for data capture, real-time dashboards, charts, reports and performance indicators.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited number of portals for your internal and external stakeholders
  • Web forms that enable data capture on any device
  • Responsive design that provides access to real-time information on any device
  • Visually present data in a meaningful and actionable way
  • Performing ad-hoc analysis
  • Role-based views of the same data
  • Compatibility with any MS SQL Server or SAP HANA database

Create Role-based Portals for Internal and External Stakeholders

Whether building a portal for your Executive team, sales force, customer service group, marketing or other departments, Versago provides a clear picture of where your business is now in order to make the right decisions on where it should go next. In addition, you can create portals for your external stakeholders, including vendors, partners and customers, ensuring instant delivery of real-time information.

Capture Data on Any Device

Versago enables you to easily generate unlimited forms for data capture and update on any device. You can use it to allow customers to register products,
field reps to update service ticket information, sales reps to enter prospect information during an event, update sales orders at a customer site, and much more.

Get It Done Quickly and Easily without Coding

Versago’s codeless development platform enables you to quickly roll out solutions, resulting in reduced risk and total cost of ownership. Users will be able to build an unlimited number of portals to ensure that the right information is seen and/or updated by the right people at the right time.

Keep Building with Versago

The possibilities are endless in what can be built next with Versago.

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