Return Materials Authorization

Return Materials Authorization

Seamlessly Authorize and Track Returns Back to Inventory with the SAP RMA process for SAP Business One

Do you want to increase control over your Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process so you can approve claims faster and accurately track them back to inventory or repair? Would you like to cut costs by reducing unauthorized returns while empowering your customer service team? Third Wave’s Return Materials Authorization for SAP Business One delivers the features you need to more effectively and efficiently manage returns.

Return Materials Authorization for SAP Business One demo

Automate and Simplify Your SAP RMA Process

With Third Wave’s SAP RMA process for SAP Business One, you’ll be able to quickly authorize returns, ensure they’re received within the designated timeframe, inspect items, and transfer them back to your active inventory.

This provides you complete control over your SAP RMA process and enables you to define and enforce your returns policy. You’ll also be able to automate key steps of your process to speed it up and improve customer satisfaction while gaining visibility into product quality.

Crucial features include the ability to:

  • Generate new SAP RMA documents for item, batch, or serialized returns with reason and expected disposition defaults
  • Initiate tracking to guarantee that all authorized items are returned by a client
  • Include up to three reason codes for a return to uncover quality issues
  • Set up expiration dates for authorized returns
  • Inspect items upon return and then automatically transfer to the designated warehouse
  • Automatically generate a service call to schedule the repair of an item
  • Analyze returns by business partner, item or batch to uncover any trends
  • Run built-in queries to view inspection results by product

RMA Customization Based on Your Business Rules

Third Wave’s RMA can be configured to follow your business rules so you can continue to run your business process the way you want. For example, you can define the reason codes for a return based on your organization’s terminology to ensure consistency.

You can also set the expiration date for an authorized return to a set number of days, which enables you to automatically enforce your policy and reject late returns. In addition, you can select a default warehouse to receive all returns in order to streamline the process.

Ensure Returns Are Properly Inspected, Credited, and Allocated to the Right Warehouse

RMA enables you to track every step of the process including the inspection of returned products. Once a return is received, you can update the RMA to reflect additional items or quantities. During an inspection, the condition is entered into RMA.

The items can then be set up to automatically transfer from a “Returned Goods” warehouse to other warehouses designated for accepted goods, faulty goods, and goods requiring service based on the inspection condition. When the SAP RMA process is finished, a credit can be issued to the customer using standard SAP Business One Functionality.

Automate Service Calls for Repairs

If you receive a return that needs repairing, you can automatically create an SAP Business One Service Call from an RMA inspection. You can also link the RMA and service call for quick reference and tracking purposes.

Analyze Returns to Uncover Any Trends or Issues

RMA also gives you powerful business intelligence and reporting services to analyze returns to uncover trends by Business Partner, item or batch. This provides you with the resources to quickly discover issues with product quality or identify a problem customer.

Streamline Your SAP RMA Process

Get started with Third Wave’s RMA now to improve your return processes within SAP Business One. Contact Third Wave Business Systems to learn more about this powerful solution.