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Versago enables any type of user or audience to have web and mobile interaction with SAP Business One. With Versago, management, employees, customers, and vendors can connect to the business and to each other from wherever they are, accelerating the decisions and transactions of daily operations.

Versago is distinguished by the ease with which it can be configured to support any use-case. It also enables incorporation of additional rich content into the user’s web and mobile experience, elevating it to a robust communication platform. With Versago’s built-in library of reports, forms, and dashboards, a business can be up and running in less than a day and continue to add capability for users as needed.

Why Does Web & Mobile Interaction with SAP Business One Matter?

It’s easier for everyone.

Business partners want an easy transactional relationship and people in customer and partner-facing roles need simple views of information at their fingertips in the field.

Arm them with access.


Competing in the digital economy means becoming a connected enterprise, removing barriers (like paper and spreadsheets) that introduce delays and errors between people and SAP Business One.

SAP is at the center.


You’ve invested in running your business on SAP Business One, now it’s time to leverage that investment fully on behalf of everyone across the enterprise.

Take Advantage of Versago Today
Contact Third Wave Business Systems at or 201-703-2100

Versago Highlights

Businesses need affordable solutions that they can get up and running with low effort but that can also adapt to address their unique needs. To accomplish both, Versago includes pre-built content that users can benefit from on the day it’s installed as well as powerful configuration capability making it simple to address ongoing needs.

Getting Started

  • Leverage over 50 (and growing) pre-built forms and reports already integrated with SAP.
  • Connect to and integrate data from multiple SAP Business One and/or other databases.
  • Integrate with add-ons and incorporate UDOs, UDFs, and UDTs.
  • Create any number of users and roles defining what users can see and do and the user experience.
  • Assign profiles to users to restrict what data they can access.

Branding and Publishing Rich Content

  • Tailor the look and feel of the end-user site to your company’s brand.
  • Configure navigation organization, labeling, and Quick Action links at a role level.
  • Publish Promotions, Notifications, Articles, Events, and Announcements publicly or privately.
  • Integrate external content via Web services/API calls.

Publishing Reports, Charts, & Dashboards

  • Modify existing or create new reports for users with the report design wizard including query editing.
  • Set default report styles, filters, grouping, and sorting.
  • Set rules for dynamic report formatting and dynamic linking to sub-reports and forms.
  • Create charts in a variety of formats and styles and augment reports with charts.
  • Create dashboards combining charts and reports to present insightful data correlations.

Publishing Forms

  • Modify existing or create new input forms for users with the form design wizard with drag and drop layout.
  • Add field level look-ups to form fields to enable easy data-entry for users.
  • Add form field calculations and validations.
  • Add file upload to forms.

As content gets published everyone in the business and across its supply and distribution network, as permissioned, will enjoy an intuitive and attractive user experience with the ability to access, organize, and act on information while in complete synch with SAP Business One!

Companies That Use Versago Are…

  • connectedConnected Using digital tools to bring people and information together.
  • mobile-firstMobile-First Ensuring that location is not a barrier to daily operations.
  • customer-centricCustomer-centric Arming customers and customer-facing roles with information.
  • efficientEfficient Removing information friction points that hold the business back.
  • inventiveInventive Leveraging Business One on behalf of everyone in and around the company
  • smartSmart Adopting affordable tools that have a quick, positive impact on the business.
Take Advantage of Versago Today
Contact Third Wave Business Systems at or 201-703-2100