The Top 5 Reasons You Need Return Materials Authorization Capabilities in SAP Business One:

Are you looking to reduce the cost of unauthorized returns, ensure that items are processed accurately, and receive precise information on quality issues and trends? Chances are you don’t realize how easy it is to gain a solid Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process for SAP Business One. With RMA, you can gain tighter control of your RMA process and change dissatisfied clients into repeat business. Who wouldn’t want that?

The top 5 Reasons You Need RMA for SAP Business One as Follows:

  1. RMA provides the capability to issue authorizations, track status, and process materials returned from clients. The authorization and tracking process are independent of standard SAP Business One functions to provide information about returns without impacting on-hand inventory and financials.
  2. RMA is integrated with standard SAP Business One functions such as Sales Returns, Inventory Transfers, and Service Calls to provide a seamless process flow.
  3. Produce the data essential to analyze returns trends by business partner, item, or batch – transforming data into a proactive tool in addressing product quality, sourcing, or business partner relationship problems.
  4. Automate inventory transactions through the Inspection disposition process; quarantining materials through transfers into separate warehouses and automatically creating Service Calls for those items requiring work.
  5. Built-in in inspection functionality allows you to record the condition of items returned.

These are just a select few features that Third Wave’s RMA offers. To find out more about how Return Materials Authorization can deliver immediate payback and return on investment, watch the video below or contact Third Wave directly.

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