Return Materials Authorization (RMA) for SAP Business One


In a world of ever-changing technology, it’s becoming more critical to have a strong Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process in place at your organization. If you are unfamiliar with the term, RMA provides the capability to issue authorizations, track status, and process materials returned from customers.

For example, let’s say a salesperson at your organization took an order for 200 items, the shipment was sent out to your customer, and upon receiving the goods, realized they were shipped the right item but in the wrong color. With RMA, it is easy to obtain authorization to return or exchange a product and receive instant payback and return on investment.

Features of Return Materials Authorizations

  • Create new RMA documents for item, batch, or serialized returns and expected disposition defaults, providing immediate visibility into inbound material returns
  • Easily convert RMAs into Customer Returns to create an Incoming Inspection queue to initiate the returned materials workflow
  • Automate inventory transactions by using the Inspection disposition process
  • Quarantine materials through transfers into separate warehouses
  • Automatically create Service Calls for items requiring service work
  • Produce data required to analyze returns trends by a business partner, item, or batch
  • Turn data into a proactive tool by addressing product quality, sourcing, or business partner relationship problems

As you can see, RMA helps minimize the costs involved with unauthorized returns and guarantees that what is returned is accurately processed and dispositioned. The authorization and tracking processes are independent of standard ERP solution functions to provide information about returns without impacting on-hand inventory and financials. At the same time, RMA is integrated with standard business process functions such as Sales Returns, Inventory Transfers, and Service Calls to provide a seamless process flow.

Gain tighter control of your RMA processes, control costs, and turn dissatisfied clients into repeat business. Contact a Third Wave SAP Business one expert today.