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    SAP Business One is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and midsize enterprises leveraged by CPG companies, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, and the life sciences industry. SAP Business One integrates inventory management and planning, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, financial management, and more, into one easy-to-use system.

    Given that an ERP solution is designed to increase process efficiencies, it’s critical to maximize its performance for each industry’s requirements. SAP Business One offers many benefits that improve business processes right out-of-the-box, but many organizations are unaware that SAP add-ons are available to extend and enhance the functionality of the ERP tool to meet unique business demands while increasing your return on investment.

    More than 1,000 SAP customers worldwide use Third Wave Business System’s certified SAP add-ons. As an SAP Development Partner, Third Wave offers a suite of innovative applications for Business One to improve access and connectivity, support business process automation, and much more.

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    Third Wave Offers SAP Add-ons to Meet the Needs of Your Organization:

    • Portal Platform: Versago enables stakeholders such as employees, customers, or partners to seamlessly access, review, submit, update, or process data from a web browser or mobile device. Versago minimizes friction (spreadsheets, paper forms, etc.) that may introduce delays or errors between people and SAP Business One.
    • Business Process Automation: Bizweaver centralizes control of the workflows that integrate processes and data across your business. Build and run data processing streams between systems and SAP Business One, including integrations with eCommerce and CRM platforms, EDI integration, and integrations with third-party warehouses, intercompany transactions, and more.
    • Additional Solutions: Third Wave provides a variety of quick and seamless solutions within SAP Business One while ensuring compliance. These certified SAP add-ons include Credit Card Processing, Electronic Funds Transfer, Chargeback Processing, ShipEasy, and more.

    Grow Your Enterprise with Expertise From a Trusted SAP Business One Partner

    When partnering with a strategic advisor like Third Wave Business Systems to implement an ERP solution, SAP Business One provides many benefits to help you better serve your customers and interact with your vendors and stakeholders, including:

    • Streamlined operations through process integrations and automation to manage today’s Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay processes.
    • Automated alerts, workflows, and responses to facilitate key business, customer and vendor needs.
    • Integration with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, 3PL’s and EDI to increase accuracy and efficiencies.
    • Increased visibility for business data to allow for an omnichannel approach when responding to customer demand.

    Third Wave Business Systems helps small to midsize businesses scale enterprise resource planning with hands-on expertise, every step of the way. Our knowledge and experience will guide the growth of your ERP system with the additional value of SAP add-ons to improve business processes and generate increased revenue.

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