SAP Business One 10.0: Highlights of the Latest Version

Web Client for SAP Business One

SAP Business One 10.0 (MS SQL)
SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA

SAP Business One 10.0 Usability

New Skin Style – Belize Deep – SAP HANA
New modern and fresh look and feel. Plus harmonized user-experience for those who work with both SAP Business One and the Web Client.

Enhanced User Interface

The information about the current company and logged-in user is displayed clearly. Plus, switching between company databases and users is one-click away.


Alignment of Form Behavior

Increased usability by avoiding scrolling, especially in busy forms. Alignment with standard system form behavior.


User Name in License & Add-On Administration

Enhanced clarity and transparency of the user’s identity by displaying the user name supports accurate license allocation and add-on administration


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