Leveling the Playing Field with SAP Cloud for Small Businesses

Large enterprise businesses can afford to invest in hardware and resources that small and growing businesses simply can’t. Fortunately, modern technology has leveled the playing field with cloud for small businesses. Here is an example:

It’s race day and you’re facing off against the biggest competitors in your industry. They’re the established companies that have dominated the marketplace for decades but you keep chipping away at their share.

Before pulling up to the starting line, you get a peek at what’s under their hoods. The engines are old. And there’s not a lot of flexibility to add new components to improve performance. It reminds you of a relic from the past and gives you all the confidence you need as the green flag waves to start the race.

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That’s the reality for small businesses today. They are in a unique position where they can choose to invest in traditional approaches to technology and maintain everything on-premise.

This provides them with more control but over time can lead to hosting a collection of old and new systems that don’t work well together or they can run simple and grow bigger in the cloud from the beginning.

While their competitors invested heavily in infrastructure and best-of-breed systems to grow, the smaller business can now circumvent that significant investment by making a move to the cloud. This approach enables them to quickly adapt, scale and respond faster to changes in the market, breaking away from the IT complexity their competitors now face.

They can gain that competitive advantage faster and more easily because of the simplicity of their environment. And they free up capital that was typically spent on servers, hardware, backups and other systems, to invest in even more opportunities to grow.

SAP Business One Cloud for Small Businesses

Moving to the cloud can help you avoid running a race with an old, outdated engine under the hood. It provides a flexible platform for growth. You can begin to run a solution like SAP Business One Cloud so you can run state of the art processes faster than ever while adapting to changes. It enables you to access information from anywhere at any time to keep business operations moving forward.

The cloud is accessible for even the smallest business today. It can give you the edge over your larger competitors by putting you in a position to achieve sustainable growth and win the race. So which approach are you going to take? Talk to the SAP Business One experts at Third Wave to find out if on-premise or cloud solutions are right for you.

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