Why SAP Business One is the Best Solution for Your Apparel & Footwear Organization

As we start out the New Year, chances are you have started thinking about new ways to grow your Apparel & Footwear organization. You want to be able to nurture and retain your current customers, while capturing as much new business as possible. Do you have proper insight into which current processes are working and which aren’t? Without key insight into where and how you make a profit, it may get increasingly difficult to keep up with customer demand and keep them happy. What processes have become challenging as your organization continues to expand? SAP Business One is just the solution to address the following challenges your Apparel & Footwear organization may face:

Manual Processes – Manual processes are time consuming and ultimately take a toll on your productivity. Not only can they hinder your sales team from making timely decisions regarding delivery dates for your customers, but they are often faulty in terms of the data entered and pulled from them. Errors caused by doing things manually should not be a normal part of your business. Have you short-shipped customers or missed delivery dates? If you answered yes to either of these, you need enhanced functionality. With SAP Business One, getting rid of your manual processes is way easier than you may think. SAP Business One enhances the relationships you have with your customers by providing one central solution to house all of your data that you can later extract from the system for analysis and reporting.

Color/Size/Style – These three factors are most likely the most challenging ones to manage in terms of apparel & footwear. With countless color/size/style combinations for your products, how do you keep up with order fulfillment? And chances are that as you expand your product lines, more and more combinations of these product specifications get introduced into the mix. SAP Business One has special functionality that makes it easy to manage these time consuming, endless product combinations.

Managing Stock Levels – Without the ability to calculate stock levels for any given date, how do you know what you have available to promise and sell to your customers? This ties back to errors caused from manual processes. If you can’t hold up your end of the bargain and deliver product to your customers in a timely manner, they will take their business elsewhere. SAP Business One’s inventory optimization functionality allows you to have a clear vision of what stock you have on hand to promise and sell to your customers.

Keeping your orders in sync – As orders pile in, how do you keep track of what goes where, and when orders get shipped? This process becomes increasingly burdensome around holiday seasons when you see a spike in orders placed. SAP Business One provides the tools to create a seamless order to delivery process, keeping your sales staff updated at where the product is at each step of the order process.

These are just a few of the many traps you may fall into as your Apparel & Footwear organization keeps growing and your processes get left behind. Remember, you do yourself and your customers a disservice when you fail to create a comprehensive relationship with them. With SAP Business One and Third Wave Business Systems, you can stay on top of the issues that negatively impact customer satisfaction. If you are looking to do away with manual processes, better manage product specifications, and optimize your inventory and order-to-delivery process, contact us today!

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