The Top 5 Reasons You Need Chargeback Processing Capabilities in SAP Business One

Are your customers allowed to deduct from certain invoices when rules of engagement are not met? If so, you know how costly these chargebacks are, not only in dollars themselves but in the processing as well. Chargeback processing can involve many steps and accounting entries to ensure that the proper accounting is taking place. Third Wave’s Chargeback Processing solution eliminates those complicated steps.

The top 5 reasons your organization needs Chargeback Processing:

  1. Create custom Chargeback types  – you have the ability to set rules for certain types of chargebacks
  2. Chargeback Processing allows you to separately track all Chargebacks and create a seamless process of approving or declining each charge. This way, you can keep your chargebacks better organized, while running on a very smooth process.
  3. Easily assign Chargeback funds to separate general ledger accounts, allowing proper tracking of funds for financial reporting.
  4. Automatically create AR invoices and credit memos to facilitate the chargeback process.
  5. Use approval processing to manage your customers’ potential Chargebacks while assigning to the appropriate Chargeback reason code.

As you can see, Third Wave’s Chargeback Processing has the potential to comepletely revamp your chargeback processing process. For more information on how Chargeback Processing for SAP Business One can benefit your organization, please watch the video below or contact Third Wave directly!

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