SAP OnDemand


To continue our conversation on Cloud computing, we want to take you to a specific example of how this can work with you and your business systems. In past posts we have introduced you to Cloud computing, discussed public vs. private Clouds, but how does all of this relate to SAP Business One? SAP has recently released their OnDemand solution which grants on-demand access to vast computing resources that are centrally managed in data centers and scale dynamically according to specific requirements. Besides a significantly lower total cost of ownership, SAP OnDemand delivers the best of both worlds; the power of the SAP Business One application and the ease-of-use and affordability of on-demand deployment.

By utilizing OnDemand, you can access Business One remotely. You can share common resources while lowering maintenance requirements, and as the number of employees in your company grows, OnDemand grows with you, providing the ideal starting point as the foundation for a successful Cloud platform.

How exactly does OnDemand work? SAP Business One is centrally hosted on servers in a data center. You can access the system by logging in through a portal in your Web browser. The application data is stored and backed up in the data center. OnDemand grants access permissions on a per-user or per-tenant basis, meaning you can only see your own data.

The following are the most significant factors of SAP Business One OnDemand:

Who would use it? Business One OnDemand is a comprehensive and flexible cloud solution for small businesses with a lower total cost of ownership. It is ideal for companies who want to simplify in-house IT requirements and minimize up-front capital expenses.

What’s next? Business One OnDemand offers a low cost, Cloud-based ERP platform that enables clients to focus on their organization. Take the next step and contact Third Wave today to see if a solution like OnDemand is right for your organization!

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