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Third Wave’s Business Management Solutions


There are many ways that companies approach acquiring Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Our experience dictates that purchasing a complete solution, with a phased approach to implementing modules, is the most effective approach. This builds the financial foundation for the system to report from and greatly reduces training costs incurred when switching software platforms. You need technologies that will grow with...

Business Intelligence, Budgeting and Forecasting

When it comes to budgeting and forecasting, you need to be able to effectively align performances with corporate strategic vision. Third Wave provides you with the right solution - BOARD. BOARD offers a full complement of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying and dashBOARDing. This is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance...

Payment Solutions

Third Wave offers several different payment solutions to help you more effectively manage your business.


Boost your productivity with powerful solutions from Third Wave.


If you are looking for a single, overall view of all customer/prospect touch points across your organization, Third Wave has the right solution for you. Find out how you can respond faster to inquiries, profile and target customers for marketing campaigns, and have the ability to easily capture and find valuable customer information.


Being able to access your data from anywhere at anytime is critical to making the right business decisions. Learn more about Third Wave's mobility solutions that will help you achieve this.


Third Wave offers solutions to streamline your operations and boost productivity.


Third Wave offers solutions to help you integrate your key business processes with SAP Business One.

Deployment Options

Learn how to deploy SAP Business One in the cloud.