SAP Integration with Bizweaver


Bizweaver integrates SAP ERP and eCommerce, CRM, EDI, 3PL enabling process automation for your business powered by SAP Business One.

Bizweaver is a business process automation tool used to build and run data processing streams or “workflows” between systems or within a system like SAP Business One. Easy to learn and use, Bizweaver centralizes command and control of the workflows that integrate data and processes across your enterprise.

Bizweaver supports countless process scenarios including e-commerce and CRM integration with leading platforms like BigCommerce and Salesforce, EDI integration, integration with 3rd-party warehouses, intercompany transactions, and automation within SAP Business One.

Why Does Business Process Automation Matter?

  • Competing in the digital economy means becoming a connected enterprise, automating transaction processes and information exchange across operating areas and with customers and partners.
  • Manual data transfer and processing causes strain on your organization and introduces delays and errors in critical operating processes.
  • Businesses that are nimble and easy to integrate with win customer and partner loyalty, and more business.
  • Business process automation enables your company to grow profitably.

Bizweaver Highlights

  • transfer-dataTransfer data between one or more SAP and other databases.
  • web-servicesUse Web Services to integrate with internal or cloud-based platforms.
  • design-workflowsDesign workflows with intuitive drag and drop UI.
  • organize-and-manage Organize and manage workflow compilations using a hierarchical ‘explorer’ view.
  • test-and-debugTest and debug workflows easily with Step-Through and Test-Run functionality.
  • export-and-importExport and import workflows between two or more Bizweaver installations.
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workflow-section-1A workflow is a sequence of operations authored using tools that correspond to steps in a process flow. Bizweaver tools enable a straightforward approach to flexible workflow designs including operations such as…

  • Intake and output data via database connections, web services, and/or numerous file types.
  • Execute SQL commands across multiple database connections.
  • Perform dynamic data processing using VB Script and processing variables.
  • Process data at a file and/or record level using looping and nested loops.
  • Branch workflows to multiple paths based on decision points.
  • Map data gathered to SAP Business One DI objects and insert via DI Server.
  • Execute external files and trigger other Bizweaver workflows.
  • Generate, save to file, and distribute Crystal Reports via email.
  • Utilize SMTP to distribute emails with the option for attachments.
  • Call and pass data to external applications.
  • Start-up quickly with out-of-the-box workflows for common use-cases.
  • Run workflows manually or schedule to run automatically.

Web Services

Web services integration is a ‘must’ capability in today’s marketplace and via the Bizweaver Web Services Tool can be incorporated into a workflow, enabling you to…

  • Connect to any cloud ERP or on-premise system that has a REST API.
  • Pre-configure setups with leading E-Commerce platforms.
  • Process XML and JSON responses.
  • Synchronizing with multiple systems via wizard-driven mapping.
  • Utilize multiple authentication types, including OAuth.



Intercompany Transactions

Workflows are automated and reconciled resulting in intercompany transactions between multiple related SAP company databases. A reselling company can purchase from a sister manufacturer simply by creating a purchase order. When the manufacturer ships the auto-generated sales order to the end customer, all transactions are automatically generated keeping master data in sync and tracking the serial and batch details.


E-Commerce Integration

Workflows are created to synchronize SAP Business One with BigCommerce stores including orders, product and SKU information, inventory, stock levels, bill-to and ship-to information, and shipping status and tracking information.

Streamlined Logistics 

A workflow automates all warehousing communications with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) requiring no user data entry. Open purchase orders and picking instructions are sent to the 3PL and inventory movements, including shipments, receipts, and cycle counts are sent back, resulting in auto-generated SAP transactions.

Businesses That Use Bizweaver Are…

  • multi-channelMulti-channel Integrating E-commerce, CRM, and other channels with SAP Business One.
  • agile Agile Adapting process and rules gracefully to changing demands.
  • bizweaverCustomer-centric Automating invoices, adjustments, memos, pricing, etc.
  • employee-centricEmployee-centric Returning time to staff by automating error-prone processes.
  • connected-bozweaverConnected Processing information seamlessly across the supply network.
  • profiableProfitable Extending the life of current systems by integrating them with SAP Business One.
  • controlledControlled Maintaining visibility into processes and their performance from one centralized application.
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