Warehouse Management System

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PDMX Warehouse Management

Complex logistic processes can only be managed efficiently if all required functionalities are integrated within one reliable system and if data is available in real time. Produmex Advanced WMS for SAP Business One answers these requirements and goes even further by helping you to meet the strict industry-specific regulatory requirements your company is facing.

The PDMX Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One is a comprehensive logistics solution that spans the whole supply chain from planning & sourcing to delivering & invoicing. It supports all relevant inbound, internal and outbound logistics functions. In addition, it offers advanced functions including cross-docking, various cycle counting options, automatic replenishment, route planning, warehouse transfers, etc.

In the field of picking strategies, the PDMX WMS supports options including zone picking (e.g. full pallet and item picking), multi-picking (pick and sort several sales orders concurrently) and wave picking (grouping various sales orders). In the area of automation of warehouse operations the PDMX Warehouse Management System provides standard connections to a wide range of devices and equipment including RF terminals, touchscreens, weighing scales, label printers, cranes, conveyors, miniloads, etc.

For regulated environments the PDMX Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One comes with a number of mandatory quality management functions including quality status control, audit trail, tracking & tracing (batch and serial number based), etc. Companies which also have production or Value Added Logistics (VAL) activities can tackle these requirements through the production and packaging management functions of the PDMX Suite, so that they do not need to rely on external solutions.

Finally, the PDMX WMS for SAP Business One offers a set of reporting functions and dashboards that allow warehouse managers and corporate management to monitor operational and corporate KPI’s in the area of efficiency, quality, accuracy, etc.

Key Features:

  • Administrative functions streamline operational processes (e.g., goods receipt, put away, packaging, picking and shipping).
  • Logistic shop floor functions run through easy-to-use graphical touch screens or handheld devices.
  • Full traceability and audit trail.
  • Advanced location management features enable you to define any number of levels that are graphically displayed (e.g., bulk locations or multi-bin levels, warehouse sections, and computer/handheld devices).

 Competitive Advantages:

  • Fewer errors and greatly-reduced costs through automation of logistic processes, including goods receipt, put away, packaging, picking, and shipping.
  • Reliable and up-to-date information about inbound and outbound shipments, as well as current inventory levels.
  • Guaranteed compliance with both legal requirements, such as traceability, and customers’ requirements, such as accuracy, speed, flexibility, transparency, and efficiency.
  • Paperless warehouse with handheld devices.