The Best ERP System for Inventory Management

Are you a small to mid-sized enterprise that is growing? Do you worry about your ERP for inventory management as growth progresses? Since inventory is where you make your profits, you want to focus the majority of your energy on managing your inventory in real-time. As your company continues to grow, you will probably struggle with inventory management and operations. Ultimately, you want to be able to serve your clients better and achieve profitable growth. But how is this possible?

What it comes down to is having the appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place.  SAP Business One, with the help of Third Wave Business Systems, is the top provider of ERP for small to midsized enterprises looking to manage inventory in real-time. Although you may be happy with your current systems, if you are looking to do any of the following, Business One is the answer for you:

To better understand the potential for a smooth process of automating the order delivery process, let’s look at a hypothetical scenario:

You receive an order from one of your best clients that requires same-day delivery. You use SAP Business One to access real-time inventory data and confirm that the items requested are in stock, following up by creating a sales order with just a few clicks. Once the order is ready, Business One automatically alerts the warehouse that the order requires same day delivery. Your warehouse manager receives the sales order alert and drill down for complete order details (items ordered, client’s ship-to address), which he quickly assembles using Business One’s Pick and Pack feature. Each item gets assigned a unique serial number for tracking and the warehouse manager prints the delivery note and packing slip for the shipment. When the shipment is picked up by the carrier, the software automatically updates the order status, so the sales rep knows the package is shipped. Additionally, your client gets an email with the complete tracking details, streamlining your complete chain of operations.

Similarly, SAP Business One can help you have overall control over your inventory:

The warehouse manager uses SAP Business One to track inventory. As soon as an order is shipped, Business One automatically updates inventory levels. As stock levels change throughout the day, the warehouse manager needs to replenish inventory to meet client demand. SAP Business One enables him/her to accurately plan for inventory updates through a guided process called Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), thus giving him clear vision into gaps between current inventory levels and forecasted demand for each inventory item. Additionally, MRP also generates alerts and replenishment orders to keep your inventory at an optimal level. The warehouse manager then records inventory stock levels by using Business One’s Goods Receipt feature and can also track as it’s transferred in or among warehouses and stock rooms. SAP Business One’s costing methods give you an accurate evaluation of the entire inventory report, giving you total control of your inventory levels and valuation.

As your business grows, SAP Business One is able to adapt to your changing business needs:

The operations manager at your company needs to quickly and easily add functionality to support new business requirements as your company attracts new clients and expands into new markets. With Business One’s advanced inventory planning and optimizing features, you are easily able to manage inventory operations and handle growth in volume.

SAP Business One, with the help of Third Wave Business Systems, gives you the tools you need to streamline your end-to-end business operations, plus the flexibility you need to serve your customers better and achieve profitable growth. Contact Third Wave today and get on the road to better inventory optimization and planning right away!

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