Use Business Intelligence to Make Your Case More Powerfully

It’s time for your company to invest in growth, and you need to make your case. This is never easy to do, and for small and mid-sized companies especially, capital has to be allocated judiciously. You have to be able to provide sufficient support for investment in your proposed initiative in order for the executive team to get on board. Real data is invaluable in this situation, making a business intelligence solution crucial to your cause. Company investments are intended to have cost savings or ROI benefits: you need to show that you can either streamline the organization or drive profitable growth. When looking for evidence to support your case, the best place to start is your own data. You can use it to provide a snapshot of the current state of your company and to model the range of implications associated with the initiative you’re proposing. Business intelligence solutions from SAP have the features you need to start with the reality of your company and evaluate strategic alternatives. Access data from across your organization’s systems, develop rich and complex reports quickly, and then use them to demonstrate the potential of your proposed initiative. Instead of walking through comments on a PowerPoint slide, you’ll be able to make your points powerfully with reliable information and detailed insights. The purpose of business intelligence is to improve and accelerate decision-making. Evaluating the investment cases around new initiatives is where you’ll see this concept in action. Anecdotes and instinct help, but nothing compares to having data and analysis in your hands. Use business intelligence solutions from SAP to support your key points, and you’ll demonstrate the tangible benefits of faster, smarter decision-making.

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