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    A Web Portal Platform That Connects Your Business Ecosystem

    Eliminate excessive communication and coordinate all parts of your business around SAP Business One.

    Connects Your Business Ecosystem

    A role-based web platform enabling users to access, submit/approve, update, and gain insight into any data on SAP and other databases.

    Reduce your business’s reliance on paper, email, spreadsheets, standalone portals, and apps, and consolidate process and communication channels with Versago.

    Using Versago’s simple web user interface, employees, customers, and vendors can process information on any device while connected to SAP Business One.

    Versago provides everything needed to configure smart, simple solutions that support unique and industry-specific use-cases.

    Get started fast with pre-built templates.

    A Connected
    Digital Business Model

    Reduce Reliance on Custom Solutions

    Eliminate standalone portals and apps that require custom coding and separate integrations. Replace portal proliferation with one Versago.

    Centralize Access for All Users

    Versago connects to multiple databases, SQL or HANA. Connect people to one or more SAP companies or  other application databases.

    BAD Before


    Passing data around in spreadsheets in email


    Using paper mail for things like invoicing and payment


    Faxing — more paper-based thinking


    Paper forms


    Keying information into SAP from email and paper forms

    GOOD After

    Centralize on
    One Role-Based Portal Platform

    Implement a repeatable and reliable user experience that is configured to meet your business’s unique needs.

    Growing businesses are using Versago to connect people and processes with SAP Business One

    “In the past we relied on emails to order parts for jobs. This cost us time not to mention if an email was overlooked. Versago has allowed us to create a more automated process that provides transparency for everyone.”

    Ryan Krutzfeld

    VP of Operations Collicutt Energy

    Businesses using Versago make work faster and simpler for internal and external users throughout key operating cycles, from the web browser to SAP Business One and back.

    Versago’s flexibility enables rapid configuration of web user interfaces to meet the unique and nuanced requirements of your business and users.

    Purchase to pay

    Quote to cash

    Plan to inventory

    Design to production

    Service call to invoice

    Forecast to delivery

    Third Wave?

    We specialize in the implementation of adaptable enterprise resource planning for small and medium-sized businesses.

    With our proprietary portal and integration platforms we help provide:
    • Inexpensive integration solutions between SAP Business One and your other backend systems
    • Centralized portal access for all users to eliminate paper processes and costly custom development
    • Fast implementation and onboarding to support your business immediately
    • A low long term cost of ownership with easy configuration options
    • Two decades working with hundreds of growing businesses and SAP Business One

    The Versago

    No coding here. Simply combine and inter-link Versago web page types to create purpose-built solutions.


    • Viewing Data: Interactive lists, calendars, charts, and dashboards
    • Submitting Data: Utilize forms, mass data updates, approval workflows, credit card and eCheck payments
    • Processing Rules: Connect into Bizweaver data processing workflows
    • User Experience: Customize themes, menus, and your company logo
    • Pre-built Templates: Speed up solution creation with templates that reflect SAP Business One documents.
    • Mobile-First: Provide a scalable, consistent experience for users.
    • Single Pricing: All Versago functionality is available for a single price, no matter how many use cases you address. Bizweaver connector is included. 

    by Third Wave

    Bizweaver connects SAP Business One to critical platforms and partners for your business including Versago.

    Designed to automate mission-critical processes, Bizweaver helps streamline operations from end-to-end. This means:
    • Comprehensive and intuitive data mapping
    • Pre-built integrations between SAP Business One
      and Versago
    • Easy processing modification to meet your unique needs