What Can SAP HANA Do to Make Your Business Run Better?

In our last blog post, we discussed the business issues SAP HANA addresses and how it enables you to process and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time. We also talked about how it can diminish the explosion of information your organization faces, how people consume IT, and what happens when IT can’t deliver. But what exactly does it do? How does SAP HANA work? We know that it uses groundbreaking in-memory hardware and software to manage data on a bigger scale, but what makes up HANA’s components and capabilities?

It’s easy to toss around terms like “massive amounts of data” and “amazing speed,” but how do we measure these attributes in real-world examples? What kinds of scale, speed, and improvement are customers already reaping the benefits of with SAP HANA?

There are definitely real, measurable proof points of HANA’s powerful solution. First, HANA works at an amazing speed. There’s no doubt that SAP allows you to “run better,” but the increased speed that HANA presents takes it to a completely different level. In one example, a pilot customer reduced the time it took to run a report from one hour to just one second!

Next, HANA can process amazing amounts of data. During SAP’s testing of HANA, they were able to run queries against 460 billion rows of data in less than one second. Essentially, this is the equivalent of being able to process every address that everyone alive today has ever lived in… all in one second. How amazing!

Third, and finally, HANA delivers amazing value. The ability to create real-time processes that simplify your IT landscape has a powerful impact on your company as a whole. It’s important to recognize that companies who implement real-time systems, most especially SAP HANA, see an average revenue growth of at least 20%, while IT costs reduce about the same. It’s no wonder why such prominent organizations like Adobe, Cisco, Colgate, Deliotte, and P&G run on SAP HANA!

In-memory technology is a trending, important, and groundbreaking innovation in enterprise computing. The belief that most common analytics will continue to transform as in-memory solutions gain popularity is rising, and a reasonable one at that. As SAP continues to deliver more in-memory applications, it seems that this is increasingly becoming the norm for transactional data management. With SAP HANA, users can do the following:

In a world where data is overwhelming and the demand for that data is seemingly insatiable, HANA is able to help. Not only can you make faster decisions, perform better, and increase insight and productivity, but you can also reduce the overall complexity of your IT landscape. If this technology has helped some of the world’s largest organizations, what do you have to lose? Contact us today to further discuss how SAP HANA can be a positive impact on your company!

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