Why You Need a Strong Business System for Your Apparel & Footwear Company

There’s no doubt it can get challenging to keep all of your orders in sync while simultaneously trying to grow your Apparel & Footwear company. As you become more successful, you start to struggle with knowing what quantities of stock you have available to promise and to sell to your customers. After all, this is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring profitability. Without the ability to calculate stock levels for any future given date, you will see a rise in friction in the sales department. Lacking this key knowledge means more manual processes, adding unnecessary stress to your sales team.

Manual processes definitely take a toll on your productivity. Your ultimate goal is to phase out as many as possible manual processes, as they can prevent your sales team from making timely decisions regarding delivery dates for their customers. You may even experience circumstances where delivery dates are missed and customers get short-shipped. If you are not careful, these occurrences become a normal part of how you do business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re probably thinking that a goal of getting rid of manual processes sounds a lot easier to accomplish than it actually is. SAP Business One, with the help of Third Wave Business Systems, can help you accomplish this goal.

As your business grows and your customer base expands, you often experience additional challenges regarding color, size, and style. Because order fulfillment can get rather time consuming, it’s important to have a solution that can directly address these potential issues.

Your overall goal is to increase revenue, while being able to keep your staffing levels consistent. How is this possible with some many underlying complications/potential issues? Unless new automated processes are introduced, your organization will most likely become burdened by inefficiencies. So where do you turn next?

SAP Business One, with Third Wave Business Systems, is the answer to managing the above business challenges. Now, you’re probably wondering about the costs associated with SAP Business One. The real answer to this question is not directly in the numbers, but really the configuration and benefits. No other solution is going to give you the efficiency that SAP Business One will.

In terms of next steps to take, you best bet is to talk with someone about what the best options are for your organization. It is unrealistic to consider cost alone without taking into consideration other factors that will impact your potential growth, like benefit. How does the cost of implementing a new system weigh in comparison to the benefit you will gain from it? You may be paying for the system, but as a result will see a reduction in labor costs due to streamlining processes. You will be able to better manage inventory, reducing the need for keeping unnecessary stock, further reducing costs. SAP Business One helps you retain your current customers, while freeing up time and resources for new customers. Ultimately, you will see a growth in business, and compared to the initial cost of the system, the payoff in the end is insurmountable.

If you are looking to do away with manual processes, better manage product specifications, and increase revenue, all while keeping costs low, SAP Business One can deliver. Contact Third Wave Business Systems today and learn about how the benefits of such a dynamic system can outweigh the costs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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