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One unstoppable trend in modern business that we see is the movement to the internet. You are being driven by your customers’ expectations and demands; therefore your business needs to make the necessary changes to reflect that.

A strong web presence will assist with increasing your customer base, as well as increasing sales. Great news, but watch out for often unforeseen issues when trying to get information to and from your ERP system. You may run into trouble getting your products to your E-Commerce site and, in turn, getting your order information back into your ERP system for the accounting process. However, it is entirely possible to find a solution that will seamlessly integrate data between your E-Commerce site and your ERP system.

It is important that your E-Commerce solution communicates all transaction data seamlessly with your ERP system across the following spectrums:

By integrating your E-Commerce system with your ERP system, your business will reap the benefits of visibility, increased ability to react, and improved labor efficiency. You will increase your self-service functionality for your customers (and employees).

With your systems integrated from the ecommerce site through to your accounting systems, you can obtain real-time data from your ERP system on through to the store front – so now your customers can have a view into available inventory, order status, and tracking shipments.

You will also likely see a reduction in your inventory carrying costs because your sales information will be updated on a consistent basis. With an end-to-end integrated system, you will be able to generate financial reports in your ERP system, based exclusively on those web transactions allowing you to better track your revenue by route to market.

All of this ultimately leads to increased internal productivity. With tightly integrated systems, you will see reduced human resource involvement in moving data and increased accuracy. Because your processes are now so efficient, you will see an increase in customer satisfaction, leading to overall better control of your business in general.

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