2012 ASUG Business One Summit Recap

Third Wave has had a busy past few months! Last month, we attended the 2012 America SAP User Group (ASUG) SAP Business One Summit in Dallas, TX. This special event is hosted every year, is free of charge, and allows attendees to learn about SAP Business One and how it can help small businesses in our changing technological world. Third Wave is proud to be a part of the ASUG community – a dynamic group of individuals striving to deliver value, intelligence, and action, while acting as a vital source of value for SAP.

This year’s event hosted over 500 individuals from all over the country, providing ample opportunities for these attendees to get a closer glimpse at the solutions and technologies provided by various SAP Business One business partners. Third Wave was lucky enough to be one of these prominent contributors.

Korey Lind, CEO, our Director of Software Development, Gopal Viswanathan, along with a few other Third Wave consultants were an integral part in the daily training classes hosted by ASUG.

Third Wave’s SAP add-on products that were presented include Return Materials Authorization (RMA), Chargeback Processing, Credit Card Processing, and ShipEasy.

In addition, Third Wave hosted a seminar on how to eliminate error-prone, labor-intensive, spreadsheet-based approaches to planning and budgeting at all/any level – financial, Business Partners, and/or products.

Finally, Gopal Viswanathan was featured in a seminar on how to increase productivity by changing form behavior, setting data validation rules, and how to streamline processes via easy point and click tools.

Third Wave is proud to have had such an impact at the 2012 ASUG Business One Summit. Korey, Gopal, and the rest of the team who participated had nothing but positive things to say about this year’s event.

If you attended one of Third Wave’s seminars and have any questions about content that was presented, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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