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Question: In your opinion, what is TWBS’ most valuable SAP add-on product?

Answer: In my experience, the Advanced Productivity Pack (“APP”) provides consultants and power users a toolkit in which they can creatively quickly develop automated procedures that can be used every day by end users.

One example, we’ve used APP to automatically send customers dunning letters (once per week for more than 60 days and once a month for more than 30 days)  while also including a copy of each unpaid invoice.  The work in building this process was very fast – we simply built a SAP Business One query to list each customer that had at least one invoice open more than 60 days or 30 days.  We then took the standard statement Crystal Report that is included with APP and altered it to look like a dunning letter.  We then copied existing AR invoice Crystal Report to show all open invoices.  Prior to implementing this, the collector manually reviewed an aging report and manually printed a dunning letter for each customer based on their open AR.  They then had to address and mail all of the dunning letters to the customers.  After we implemented this functionality, the process to email dunning letters and open invoices became a two minute per week, three-click process.  Due to the added benefit of including copies of all open invoices, it reduced the number of customer collection and follow-up calls by approximately 70%.

Another example during an implementation was that we built a process that is three clicks at the end of day, APP automatically emailed delivery confirmation, a copy of the packing slip with tracking numbers to every customer for every shipment for that day.  Prior to having APP, this was not even possible.  The customer service could only answer emails and phone call inquires asking for shipping status and tracking numbers.

Virtually every opportunity to improve business partner relationships, such as communication, automation, and correspondence can be accomplished with APP.

-Michael Neuendorff, Consultant

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