Avalara: Simplifying Tax Compliance for Businesses

Avalara: Simplifying Tax Compliance for Businesses

We are a proud partner of Avalara, a SaaS-based Tax Compliance Solution that’s transforming cloud-based tax reporting, e-invoicing, and reconciliations. Most of all, it is the perfect complement to our ERP software solutions. With Avalara and Third Wave Business Systems, empower your business with powerful features and benefits to drive business growth and peace of mind.

Avalara Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-system transaction data compilation
  • Automated tax reporting
  • Signature-ready and e-file-ready returns creation
  • Affordable, end-to-end solution
  • Compliance errors risk reduction
  • Streamlined international e-invoicing
  • E-Invoicing and Live Reporting
  • Simplified business transaction integrations for ERPs

Here at Third Wave, we specialize in cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning SaaS solutions for small and midsized businesses and are an SAP Business One Gold Partner. That means that we have exceptional features and benefits backed by the power of SAP Business One.

We only offer incredible solutions, but we also tailor your experience with a dedicated consultant that helps you throughout the process and provides expert insights. If you’re looking to move faster, improve operations, ramp up your business, and more – we’ll be your partner along the way to success.

The Global Leader in Tax Compliance

Constantly updated database of 190+ countries’ tax rules

Tax scenario simulation for overall tax liability calculations

Modular and need-based build-your-own solution options

Seamless creation of ad-hoc and real-time reports

Digitized excise, VAT, sales tax and GST reporting

Reduction of human errors that drives improved accuracy

Future-proofed e-invoicing compliance

Dynamic KPI dashboards for management


  • Easy-to-use software for tax calculations
  • Geo-location-based
  • Always updating based on regulatory changes
  • Automatically calculates rates for:
  • Sales and use tax
  • Customs and duties
  • Goods and Services (GST) and Value-Added Tax (VAT)
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Global E-Invoicing

  • Year-to-date (YTD) Revenue, Gross Profit and EBITDA metrics for the selected business unit benchmarked against the average of all business units
  • Charts comparing the benchmarked entity versus the average of all business units
  • Table with Current Ratio, Debt to Asset Ratio and Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Learn more about Global E-Invoicing

Compliance Cloud

  • AI-based and machine learning platform
  • Multi-region and multi-industry tax calculations
  • Automate tax preparation and filing processes
  • Store and manage documents for FATCA compliance
  • Data-based tax compliance insights for strategic planning
  • Register and manage business licenses
  • Simplify point-of-sale (POS) system integration
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  • Seamlessly connects to your POS system
  • Automatically sets aside, file, and pay sales tax
  • Quickly gets you up and ruining
  • Fully secures and encrypts account data
  • Provides peace of mind with cloud backups
  • Used by thousands of companies as their go-to tax solution
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