Choosing the Best ERP Startup System for Your Business

Startup businesses – those only a few years old or with a new hot product or service – have specific needs and considerations that should be taken into account when choosing an ERP startup system.

1. Have a solid core foundation

ERP solutions for startups should have a solid technical core, based on new technology that can be extended in functionality that runs on widely-used system platforms.

Since your business is in growth mode, you want to make sure that you can start basic and extend functionality over time. This way the process of implementing an ERP solution will be as simple as possible. By going with software that runs on widely-used platforms, this will enable usability throughout your company.

2. Increase productivity

Reasons for initiating a new ERP system in your startup business can be directly correlated with productivity. If your staff is limited and stretched across several job responsibilities, you may want to address immediate operational and organizational supportive roles, all while laying the foundation for future growth and reporting.

3. Easy deployment

It is important to realize that when purchasing a software solution, you want to acquire an ERP startup system that can easily be deployed with out-of-the-box functionality. In conjunction with that, you will want an implementation partner that will coordinate a plan for future phases to encompass the complete company vision.

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ERP Startup Package and Partner Characteristics

You are probably wondering what characteristics of a good ERP startup package and implementation partner are. Here are our thoughts:

Bottom Line

If you are a startup or a high-growth company looking to implement ERP Software, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Do your research and make sure that the solution you’re looking at will cover all of the characteristics listed above.

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