Designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One, Board Software and BOARD Cube by Third Wave Business Systems provides pre-packaged solutions in budgeting, finance, sales and purchasing, and inventory. It offers a full complement of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, predictive analytics, multi-dimensional analysis, ad-hoc querying, and dashboards. This is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes, from budgeting, planning and forecasting to profitability analysis, score-carding and financial consolidation. The pre-packaged solutions enable BOARD Cube to be implemented in days, either in the cloud or on-premise, providing significant cost-savings and accelerated return on investment

A Single View of Your Business

Gain a single vision of the most business-critical information you have available by using BOARD Cube’s pre-built reports and simple tasks to uncover more business intelligence. Utilize information in SAP Business One to create the most accurate and up-to-date view of your company. The end result is a full alignment of the Business Intelligence and Performance Management environment, providing a shared view of corporate performances throughout the organization.

Key Features:

  • Creation and comparison of unlimited scenarios (Actual, Budget, Forecast, and more)
  • Ability to build more granular budgets to achieve even greater flexibility, i.e. Sales by Client and Product
  • Flexibility to create budgets for multiple companies
  • Powerful predictive analysis tools that improve enterprise decision-making
  • Prebuilt screens that display interactive data
  • Complete management of workflow, audit trail, versioning, scenarios, and approval status processes
  • Automatic allocation of changes, modifying data at all levels of aggregation
  • Real-time impact assessments
  • Excel add-in with off-line data-entry functionality
  • Rolling forecasting and budgeting

Run in the Cloud or On-premise

Choose between on-premise, in hosting or on a public cloud. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), BOARD Cube Cloud gets your BI and CPM applications up and running faster while providing world-class security, reliability, scalability, and performance. A seamless connection to on-premise and cloud data systems in real time allows you to deliver enterprise analytics, planning, and forecasting that fully leverages your existing software investments.

Achieve a Fast ROI

BOARD Cube’s built-in dashboards and process flows enable all data to be accessible quickly to achieve an even faster ROI. BOARD’s Data Fast Track’s self-service data modeling functionality also allows users to connect to any data source, instantly create data models and immediately run visual analyses or build analytical applications without the help of IT. Then easily customize the pre-packaged solutions to create the reports you need. Securely access the information from your tablet or smartphone, and export the reports into the Microsoft Office Suite for presentations or further analysis.

Take a Process Flow Approach to Budgeting

Implement a process flow approach for faster, more accurate budgeting. Pull data from the previous year as a starting point, and then adjust the budget based on percentage increases or decreases that you specify. Work on revenue budgeting and expense budgeting to gain the complete picture of your business. Run different scenarios against the budget to view whether adjustments need to be made. Budgets can also be created for multiples companies, providing you with even more value from the solution.

Gain Invaluable Insight with Powerful Financial Reporting Capabilities

Get real-time insight into your business by pulling data from SAP Business One to build the financial reports. Trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow reports. Present the information at a high level or drill down to specific details. Break down the reports by time periods for further analysis.

Uncover More Business Intelligence Out of Your Inventory Data

Perform Inventory analysis in BOARD Cube to view the inventory costs per group. Drill down to determine the spend on individual components by time period. Take advantage of additional built-in reports, including inventory quantity change, inventory value change, purchases by a vendor, and order efficiency. Gain more business intelligence out of your data, including how many touches it takes to get an order out the door and how much is being spent with each vendor.

Find Out More about Your Sales & Purchasing

Built-in sales and purchasing reports pull data from your SAP tables to provide more valuable insight. Run sales by state, sales by salesperson, purchase by item and purchase by vendor reports while customizing the details to get the information you need. Use BEAM to predict customer behavior and product demand.

Faster Implementation So You Can Be Up and Running in Days

Whether you choose on-premise or in the cloud, you can be up and running in a matter of days. Then easily customize the reports so you can get the most out of the data to turnkey business intelligence into actionable information.