Driving Real-Time Business with SAP HANA

To meet the analytics requirements of small businesses, we’ve combine SAP Business One with the power of the SAP HANA platform. SAP HANA empowers you to analyze large amounts of data in such a short amount of time – giving you instant organizational insights as well as the ability to transform your company into a real-time organization.

The analytics powered by SAP HANA operate in the background of your SAP Business One system. This means all transactional and operational data within your SAP Business One application is available for instant organizational insight. You can see your business as it exists in real-time – not as it existed when you performed your personalized data extract, which was the case with previous analytics and reporting technology.

As a result, users at all levels can quickly make more informed decisions because they have real-time access to information – along with the ability to view more information before making decisions.

For instance, your organization can run simulations or “what-if” scenarios instantly, as well as access fast-running reports and dashboards that leverage the SAP HANA database.

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In addition, they can access all your data in SAP Business One with freestyle enterprise search and query large amounts of data instantly. This means that more complete information can be utilized in making more informed decisions.

This solution can also aid in increasing productivity by putting users in control of information. For instance, they can generate and run ad-hoc reports without the assistance of IT and the Microsoft Excel interface can also be used to explore and report on data – all from within SAP Business One.

Your organization benefits from this solution because it empowers your staff, lowers operational and IT costs, and generates faster information processing.

To learn more, contact Third Wave Business Systems.

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